Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please no gang signs, I'm kidding, throw it up.*

I am not dead. I repeat I am not dead. I have been very busy, in life as well as work. A new goal for me was to stop blogging at work, stop reading blogs at work, pretty much, stop wasting company time. I made that goal you can see how good I am with goals. But I realized that I haven't written in a while and there were so many things I meant to write about. I probably won't write while I'm in Ohio either, so I didn't want to leave you guys hanging.

Friday night we had the CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL GAME! ...and we lost. Since we were the team from the winner's bracket that meant we played again Saturday morning. This is when we made up for it, we didn't make up for it well, but we in the end, the right team won. We beat the other team by 6 points. I only had two bruised knee caps, a cracked chest, a slight concussion, and I'm happy to report, very little blood shed. I have decided that I can't shoot, and defense is probably my forte. It was a good feeling. It was a good season, we had our usual drama, but we are a bunch of single girls (except Steph...she's married) so that is to be expected.

Maybe next year we'll get real shirts so Arthur will stop saying we look like we just went to a yard sale.

The car is back. I got him (p.s. his name is Stewie) to the dealership on Monday morning...where they told me that the crank position sensors were not what was recalled, rather it was oil consumption. Oil consumption? So they checked that, meaning that they did an oil change, meaning all that money I put into an oil change they undid. I had a nice, week old filter in there, I had synthetic oil, who knows what they put in. The crank position sensors cost me an additional...over $300. Okay, scratch that, the sensors cost an additional $150 or so...and the rest was labor...oh and $5 tax. The part that bug was when he told me my total he said, "It will be about $300, well, $360 with tax." Yeah, I can see where that tax made the price jump.

So the sensor apparently, from my understanding, stop working because oil gets in them. So if the recall was on oil consumption and oil got into my sensors...wouldn't that be covered? If I had more moxie I would have asked it right then and there. New goal - learn enough about cares to tell when someone is trying to pull one over on me. There is a special place for people who act so kind and caring but are really lying underneath it all...he may not have been, but I'm just saying.

So the guy brings my car around and says it runs like a new car and without thinking I say, "It'd better!" He doesn't know how much time and money has already gone in to it. But it does run like a new car, I had no idea that the tires could make such a different too, the speed bump at work...really just a bump. Didn't feel like that before, felt like I was off roading in Idaho.

Okay that is all. I promise, no more talk about Stewie. It's over and done with.


Vanessa said...

I'm glad you survived your tournament with only 73 minor injuries. ;) Sorry you lost, but glad you enjoyed yourself! & glad to know you are alive.

Psssh, what would blogging be if it were not on company time. ;)

Amber Lanae- said...

*Iron Man!!

Amber Lanae- said...

Hooray to my basketball champion!! You made your coach proud!

Sarah said...

ooh the back roads in Idaho...let me tell you, those bad boys should only be driven on with SUV's or Trucks! Little cars do not handle those dirt roads well :) And even then, I know some silly boys who think their big bad vehicles can handle it, and they still end up stuck in mud pits.

Joanna and Ben said...

it is amazing what new tires can do. Glad that's all over and hopefully you won't have to put anymore money into it for a while.

Amber Lanae- said...

I finally made it to second place! I am content.

Sammi Blankenship said...

Iron Man!! I got it !! go me ! Sorry u lost, but congratz about ur championship game!!! Little blood shed?? a new record 4 u!!


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