Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another big word!*

The other day I was given a typing assignment at work.  I have never had a typing assignment - but this is what I have been training for since typing class in sixth grade.  My boss called me in to discuss and she warned me that it wasn't a glamorous project, but it needed to be done.  Call me a geek - but I was actually excited about this project.  It could have been for several reasons...

One might be that it was a project that doesn't take a whole lot of thought. 

It could be because I have always been pretty competitive (even when there's no one to compete against) and I enjoy being "fast" about something.  I'm a fast typer, so I was excited to see how quickly I could get this project done.

It could also be because in doing this typing project I was being released from a far less desirable project and was being "reassigned" to a different (more interesting) portion of that project once my typing was done.

So - It's not just because I'm a geek.

Here's what I learned though:

  1. My wrists don't like typing that much at my desk at work.  Laptops are easier for this kind of thing.
  2. The most annoying word to type in the English language is Analysis (or anything like unto it - Analyze, etc.) It's not so bad the first twenty times, but when you've been typing for an hour and half and it is every third get sick of it.
That's it - that's all this project taught me...just thought I would share.

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