Monday, April 9, 2012

I Saw and Opportunity and I Seized It.*

Happy belated Easter!! 

Yesterday I went to my parent's house (usual Sunday activity) and my siblings had orchestrated an Easter egg hunt for the children.

I can't find my camera (again) so the pictures are from my phone....and I took a lot of Ava...oops.

We tried to get a picture with all the kids.  Heather may have some better photos - I just took them in rapid fire succession because some of the kids weren't too excited about having a group photo taken (i.e. Jake and Olivia - and Ava wasn't upset - but she sure isn't interested).

After all the kids were done - Ava wanted to find more eggs.  So I took some from her bucket and re-hid them. Except that she would follow me, so she knew where they were.  Ryan took one while I took another so we could legitimately hide one for her.  Then Ryan even found one that none of the kids had seen.  So...go Ryan.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!


The Ottley's said...

PAUSE. what the heck? Wasn't she JUST born? Man I'm getting old! Happy belated Eastr D!

Martha said...

*opportunity- Flushed Away


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