Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I heard he wears make-up.*

I have found a new love.

Spray paint

When I painted the roommate's bathroom, I kept thinking that the little white cabinet on there wall needed something more.  It certainly needed a bath, but I'm also not a fan of things being painted white (didn't realize this until recently). 

Forever and day ago, I bought a can of brown spray paint to spice up that little cabinet.  I came home, put it in the laundry closet and then forgot about it...completely.  Until this weekend, I was cleaning up said laundry closet and noticed it (it was in plain sight too...).  So I got the screwdriver, took down the cabinet and went out back to paint.  It was stinky, and I thought I would kill myself with the fumes, but it was a lot of fun.

I let it dry for a good long time, then I put it back up in the bathroom on Sunday night.  It's on there straight, the phone taking the picture might be a little off....I really need to find my camera, I miss having a flash.


Anonymous said...

The Dark Knight!

Sarah said...

Looks great D! You dun me proud. :)


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