Monday, April 16, 2012

Marwage, it's what brings us here togever, today.*

Friday I had the opportunity to go to a good friend's (Jimothy) wedding.

My "cousin", Daniel, picked me up at 7:30 and I had the pleasure of basically spending all day with him.  We didn't have to be in D.C. until about 10:30 but Daniel didn't want to be late and he wanted to grab some grand breakfast somewhere.  We were going to stop along the way, but the risk of being late was too great....we ending up eating at the Safeway by the Temple.  I thought they would have breakfast selections since it was 9:30 in the morning, but they already had their chicken out...when in Rome...

The trip was good and all through the day I was Tweeting what I call "Daneilisms".  Just things he would say that made me kind of laugh and thought the world should know.  So, in case you don't tweet or follow me, here they are:

"I don't have anxiety problems but I get anxiety problems if you know what I mean."

"I know my women, Jessica."

"Hope you don't mind listening to the same song over and over.  I think if you like a song you should listen to it until you gt tired of it."

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." (Said as we listened to the same song for the sixth time - also said again around the eleventh time).

(said over the phone to a friend who got caught in traffic and wasn't sure if it would be rude to come so late - note: 95 North was closed due to a suicidal maniac - crazy) "I think you should come, hug them, and leave...they'll love it"

"You know what's sad? People make fun of guys who listen to boy bands."

"I want you to know that I am swerving but I'm aware."

...then my phone died - so many Danielisms were lost.

On to the wedding.  They were sealed together in the Washington, D.C. temple.  Then around 5 they had a ring ceremony for those members of their family and friends who were not able to attend the sealing.  My camera is still lost (first in the air) so it's more pictures with the iPhone.

Then there was another break for pictures I guess, the rest of us hung out inside the clubhouse and I drank Shirley temples yum-o) Actually, I had one.  I'm no lush.  But when I went back for my second the bartender, Ryan, already had me down.  He said, "Shirley Temple".  I must have been the only one who got one of those.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Jimothy "arrived" from outside.  The sun was crazy and the it was an iPhone - so I apologize for the photo quality.

We FINALLY got to eat.  I was so tired and hungry.  Aside from breakfast I hadn't eaten because Daniel didn't want to spoil his appetite for the fancy dinner.  I got the chicken and it was very good (I usually don't like fancy chicken).  Daniel said we could go after we got I couldn't help but laugh when cake took forever to get there!  We finally left at 10:30 and had an hour and half drive still (hence the "swerving" Danielism).

The whole thing was so beautiful!  I thought it was very well done and you could tell that they really love each other.  It was a little had given my state of mind on Friday, to be at a wedding talking about love and finding the person you want to spend eternity with.  It was also bittersweet because Jim is moving to Australia now and I kept reminding myself that Friday was the last time I'll probably ever see him.  Jimothy has been such a good friend to me and we've had tons of fun together.  I'm so happy that he has found the love of his life and she is so lucky to have such an amazing guy.  I mean...he's moving to Australia for her! I'm wondering if I could get a guy to stay in Richmond, VA for me...lucky :P

Congratulations Jim and Emily!


Joanna & Ben said...

Princess Bride- I love the should make a book, collaborate and all

G Sauce said...

Those are some classic Danielisms! I can so imagine him saying those.

Nate Eaton said...

I LOVE the Danielisms! I think you should tweet one a morning every day for the next year. It would make every day special! Speaking of that, where can I follow you on Twitter?

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Excellent idea - I think I will have to work on that.


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