Thursday, July 5, 2012

We can play Parcheesi!*

There's something I realized lately, and by lately, I mean this morning.

I'm happy.

I'm incredibly busy and tired most of the time, my kitchen and bedroom aren't as clean as I want them to be because I'm never home to clean them, but I've been busy with good stuff.

Recently I've taken up tennis.  I've probably owned a tennis racket for most of my adult life and yet I've never really played.  I tried learning in high school and then decided that I wasn't good and I never would be, but I thought if I owned a racket then one day I would learn through osmosis.  But those were the days before I realized that I really like sports.  So I've been playing tennis, learning the rules and learning the feel of the racket/tennis ball contact that tends to get it over the net...but not over the fence.  Tennis is one of the few sports that I can think where you don't try to hit or throw has hard as you can (basketball is probably one of them too...but what you lack in force with the ball you make up for with body checks fouling).  I wouldn't say I'm really good, but I'm learning and that makes me feel good.

I've also taken to the...wait for it...water!  This isn't a joke, pick your jaw up off the floor.  You are reading the words of a bathing suit owner!  I would post pictures...but I lost my camera and with it some great photos from when my family was in town (I'm still holding out hope - and to prove it - I ordered a new always find the old one when you order a new one right?).  My legs are still really far behind my arms in the tanned department - but I figure they'll always be, my arms are used to the sun while my legs shrink back in fear of UV exposure.

I'm also getting in touch with the musical talent that has been latent in my hands for so long.  I have picked up...the shakers.  It was last night's adventures with the shakers during a "jam session" that I realized I was happy.  The shakers are the error proof addition to any musical group.  I'm the strange girl who beats the tambourine while everyone else rocks out on drums and guitar or sings.  But last night I was having so much fun and I was laughing, a real, genuine laugh caused by acting ridiculous.  No one told a joke or anything, it was just a laugh prompted by having so much fun.  I'm trying to remember the last time I've laughed for that reason.

Of course - I have been laughing, I'm always laughing through my life, but this was a different kind.

Last night was the 4th and here in America that means fireworks - but we forgot about fireworks because we were playing "real rock band" at Christian's house.  On the way home, Kami and I commented on the beautiful, orange full moon.  As we were driving I kept looking over at the moon on the drive.  Then we were talking about something and when I looked back there was an explosion of orange in front of us, probably coming from the Diamond and the thought that went through my head (and that I may or may not have screamed) was, "The moon exploded!" was strange because I didn't really think the moon exploded, but the firework had startled me.  But the moon was gone, during our drive it had ended up to the side of us instead of in front of us where the firework had appeared.  It was the craziest thing because it all lined up perfectly to make my exclamation believable.  Either way, Kami and I had a good long laugh about my reaction to it.

I'm still Sad News Sally about my camera - so if anyone sees it, under their couch, in Theo's room, or adrift in a bottle on the ocean - please grab it and drop me a line.  Crossed fingers and prayers appreciated.

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G Sauce said...

Small percussion instruments might be lame (at times) but they can be the funniest to play.


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