Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You're mocking me, aren't you?*

Last weekend Henrico County did Neighborhood clean up in my neighborhood.  This makes the third summer I've been here for that and the first time I've ever taken something to the curb - but seeing as how my backyard is a dismal mess, I decided to try to do something.  Vivienne came over to help me move some stuff.

As usual I had grand plans of completely cleaning up the back of my backyard - and then I realized that one, I had more stuff than I thought and two, I'm not very strong...and three, I'm scared of bugs.

This would be Viv, giving me the peace sign

The least we could do was move Amber's old furniture to the curb (thanks Amber - for leaving it when you left :P)

The furniture was so old and weather beaten that it fell apart as we tried to move it.  We finally used a garden rake and pulled it into the EZ cart.  Then we took it to the curb...and that was it.  We moved two pieces of furniture and then went to the store.

Viv and I obviously work hard.


Lacee said...

You sure that's not a giant bunny hopping across your lawn?

Anonymous said...

Classic Toy Story*

Amber Lanae- said...

I can't believe that the furniture was STILL there....


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