Monday, July 2, 2012

I date. I know everyone thinks I haven't had a date in years.*

I had a date this past Friday night. I don't like dating (don't know if you know this about me) because I get anxiety about dating and it's just something I'd rather not do. I like relationships - I hate dating to get there.

 So that leads us to me being not excited about having a date. But - a few weeks ago my friend had a date and she wasn't excited and I gave her an assignment. So I gave myself the same one for the date this past Friday. That assignment was: List four things that were positive and/or unexpected. Let me just say that anything positive when you are dreading a date is unexpected - but it's in there anyway.

 Then I decided that I could blog about this - so I amended it. We will talk about the pros, but also the cons. The dos and the not to dos of dating (or at least dating me...)

The Do's (a.k.a the positive points)
  • He called ahead to confirm and let me know the plan (since there was no plan when he asked me out besides catching me after church and asking me - I'm apparently hard to catch at church as I was told later).
  • He mentioned that the activities of the date were geared towards getting to know each other better.
  • He showed up on time.
  • We went to dinner, and when our food came, he prayed over his meal (I never really see this and was impressed).
  • He asked me a lot of questions about me (to be honest I expected a lot of awkward silences).
  • He opened my door for me.
The Don'ts (a.k.a maybe not negative - but could have done without)
  •  The date didn't start until 8 and it included dinner - this is probably just for me...but waiting until 8 to eat is torture!
  • As we were talking he knew a little too much about me. I can't say this is negative because if I had a crush on this guy then I would think it was sweet and be flattered. As was - it just sent up red flags that I squashed because I was looking for positives.
  • He spoke too much about the future - like he was making a list of things never to do to tick me off should I become his girlfriend - no matter who does this - it would scare me off a bit.
The date was overall good. I enjoyed myself and got to know more about him so when he asked if I would like to do this again sometime I said "sure" (in a positive way). Then he asked what days this week I could go. I don't think this will go anywhere - I liked getting to know him and I had a good time, but as of now I just don't have any feelings other than platonic. But that's why I agreed to the second date, if the date had been miserable for me then I would have declined right then and there.

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The Rookie said...

I loathe dating. Loathe it! I don't understand these people who are so non-chalant about it all. I'm a nervous wreck. This is a good game you've created for yourself. I shall use the same challenge in the future.


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