Friday, January 11, 2013

I know the fat guy's gonna have a heart attack if we don't eat again soon.*

Congratulations to Murbatron for getting the last post's blogbucks!

Today has been pretty interesting.  I realized that I am definitely getting older. I was chatting on Facebook messenger with a younger man and he wrote "LAWL".  What the heck is that?  Thank goodness for Google.  It turns out it means "laughing at who's laughing" he was laughing AT me? Not WITH me?  This is a new level of rude. 

At work my coworker asked me if we had a yard stick and I told her 'no' and then she said, "come with me".  I hesitated - I'm not ashamed that I hesitated.  She said, "are you scared?" and I said, "Yes, I'll admit it, I'm scared." I mean - you ask for a yardstick, when you find you don't have one you ask the tall girl to come with you? I knew what she wanted me for, she wanted me to measure something with my body.  She pretended that was NOT the reason she asked me to come with her, she even brought a tiny ruler to add to the illusion. 

At one point she laughs and says, "Yeah, go ahead and lay down, let's see how long this is."  I told her I could just hold my arms out, my wingspan is the same as my height and she questioned that so I proved it to her, I held out my arms and she held the spot where my arm came to and then I laid down and it's the same length! So we did that, I held my arms out, she marked the point, I walked over to that point and held my arms out.  Then room was 5 Jessica's long - pretty big room.

We are getting free pizza today because we made our goal last month.  I like the pizza days like this because they aren't coordinated through HR - I just eat.  Still - it's interesting to see who will show up 15-20 minutes before they are even supposed to.  Lately it's been this one guy, we caught him today walking down the hall towards the break room about 15 minutes before noon (the pizza wasn't even there yet), but when he saw us he turned around and went to his desk.  Back! Back, you beasts!

That's what I did at work today...and it's only lunch time.


Lacee said...

Along with that(if you have a long piece of string handy...), twice the distance around your thumb is about the same distance around the wrist. Twice around the wrist is about the same as the distance around the neck, and 3xs around the head is about the same as your height.

Or, so they say. :)

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Well now I feel like my head is far too big :(

Sarah said...

The WEdding Singer! good movie!

Amber Lanae- said...

*Wedding Singer*

'Linda you a...'

Oh. Inappropriate...just like the fiends at work. And your previous comment to the flu shot. Its my job to tell you to get it. And as your best friend, I encourage you to buck up and get it. It could potentially save your life. Just saying.



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