Thursday, January 10, 2013

I know when I was held at gunpoint-*

Congratulations to Isaac for getting the Blogpoints for the last post!  It was indeed from the movie Elf.
And to Nobody - for getting the Count of Monte Cristo reference that was unmarked (sorry - sometimes I forget to mark these things).

So it turns out that I had the flu.

When you catch something and people find out about it, several things happen. 

The first - they treat you's understandable, they don't want to get sick too, so they stand further away, they avoid you, etc.   It might be why I try to buck it up when people get sick and show no fear...which might consequently be why I got the flu.

Second - they tell you all about the people they know who got the same thing, or had similar symptoms, or what they've been reading in the news.  I've heard plenty of Patient First horror stories, stories about how high the flu numbers are this year, schools closing in Boston, about so-and-so's cousin who even got the flu shot but still ended up with the flu.

...I have never gotten the flu shot before...I have also never gotten the flu.  So at least one of these things changed this year but I can't say that I will start getting the shot.  Yes - I hated the flu.  Yes - tamaflu is freaking expensive when you are on a high deductible plan.  Yes - my nose chapped, my nasal passages clogged, my muscles ached (making me think that I was getting too old to play sports - glad I figured that one out).  But from what I heard - the shot didn't help either.

Besides - I've been getting a lot of attention lately and any attention is good attention right?

Anyway - so - since I put it out there - How is everyone? Anyone been sick?

Hopefully I'll be back to posting like normal soon - we shall see.  Until then...


The Hudsons said...

Clueless and I hope you are feeling better!

G Sauce said...

EW it's been a while since I have had that. It's not a fun thing. Taking a shower always helps and take it slow. It takes a while to get your strength back up. Oh and sleep sleep sleep!!!

Danielle said...

The flu is the worst! I've been successful at escaping it this year, so far! Hope you get feeling better soon!


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