Friday, January 18, 2013

Was that my pants or my muscle?*

So - we finally got some snow.  They had been calling for massive amounts of snow since - well, I'm not sure cause I don't watch the weather, I first heard about it Wednesday.  Everything people told me varied from one person to the next; 2-3 inches on Thursday night, 4-6 inches on Wednesday night, etc.  I recently read about normalcy bias - basically, when a huge natural disaster happens people die because they try to go on like nothing is wrong.  Tornado's coming? No it's not...there goes the house.  I thought of all the natural disasters we've recently experienced in Virginia, the earthquake, the tornado...I can't remember anything else.  In the earthquake and tornado though, I was at work and I kept feeling like people were overreacting and I kept trying to remain calm and not think it was a big deal - even when our 6 story building shook like a herd of elephants was on the loose.  So - when I started to hear reports of a snow storm I had an internal battle with this normalcy bias - yes, Virginians overreact to snow, we shut down at the sight of a snowflake, but that doesn't mean we haven't had bad snow storms before. So - that's where I have been mentally.

I love snow - and with the exception of living in Rexburg, ID for four years, I don't think I'll ever get tired of it (I did get tired of it in Rexburg - your toes and nose hairs can be frozen for only so long before you begin to miss what your body naturally feels like).  But here in Richmond, where it rarely snows - I love seeing it.  Everything so white and clean looking. 

I was looking out the window at work this morning and realized that when I look at the snow covered bushes I found myself thinking of those gingerbread houses you see at grocery stores around Christmas with the confectioner sugar (powered sugar for those who didn't know it has two names) sprinkled all over it.  It made my sweet tooth tingle and I think it's a little sad that I see snow so rarely that I think of sugar more than getting out and making snowmen.


Amber Lanae- said...

*While you were sleeping!

Love the pictures!! And your new blog layout! :)

Love that you'll be here in 8 days even more!!

The Hudsons said...

Joanna is too fast for me...I'll try again though. While you were sleeping. Glad you are enjoying the snow...I'm enjoying my lack of snow!


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