Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Wish I knew whale.*

Congratulations to Amber for getting 10 blog bucks by correctly guessing last time's blog post.  This bumped her up to third place!

Today I want to write about how funny I am.

No seriously.

Okay, not that seriously.  But a funny thing happened to me this week.  I made a joke, and then the comedian, Ellen, ripped off my joke.  My sister, Martha, is in Utah and it's a little chilly there.  She sent us a screen shot of the temperature and it was something like 12 degrees (whoa, even typing that made me get really cold).  I wrote back with the below:

Then Martha sent me this:

And then this:

People think that Ellen is funny (which I would agree) and we have said the same thing, so it stands to reason that everyone who thinks Ellen is funny would think that I am funny.  Right?


Joanna & Ben said...

Finding Nemo

You are funny and I know you, I don't know Ellen, so you're better

The Hudsons said...

Appropriate quote! Finding Nemo...p.s. I've always thought you were funnier than Ellen. :)

Amber Lanae- said...

*Finding Nemo!

I don't like third place-can I be in 2nd or 4th?!

Ps. You are funny. I love Ellen-she's hysterical. But nobody can get me to laugh like you sometimes. So you win!


G Sauce said...

I agree!

Danielle said...

Love this! What a great rule to live by :)


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