Friday, March 15, 2013

He's a very good friend of mine, he's one of my best friends, he's my ONLY best friend.*

Congratulations to Kathryn for getting the blog bucks last time!  She takes her ranking very seriously and wasn't about to be knocked out of the top 10!

So little known fact, I have a Pinterest account.  Just like Twitter - I don't know how to use it. (Note: I kept calling it "pin-interest" until my 14 year-old cousin corrected me - you don't want to be corrected by a 14 year-old).  Anyway - people are always saying, "Saw this on Pinterest" and they are always cute little things they do.  So I signed up and then left it for a long time.  Then my sister, Joanna, got on there, and she seemed to get it and really enjoy it so I tried again.  I spent a couple minutes one Saturday looking at little "Do it yourself" stuff for the house and then found a bunch of other things.

Then I left it again.

Then my bishop's wife admitted that she is on there and has no clue what is going on.  But she told me that there is a phone app for it - so I downloaded it and then went crazy one day - pinning things I want to do but knew deep down that my lazy personality would probably never get to them.

It's like I want these home improvements, I want to lose weight, I want fun activities to do with the nieces and nephews, and I want those cute, homemade Halloween costumes - but I want someone else to do them for me...cause

Goodness - I thought we covered this already, why aren't you retaining that about me?

Usually I would say, "I'm just not crafty" or handy, or creative, or I lack fine motor skills, brain capacity, my eye sight is bad, my fingers are fat, I'm scared of sharp objects and splinters, I don't have the money right now, I'm bad at measuring things, I don't know what supplies I need, etc.  You get the idea right? Cause I really can keep going - I'm an "Excuse Queen" and I can do it for almost any activity (i.e. running - it's cold, my legs hurt, I haven't had any water today, I don't want to pull a hammy*). 

Anyway - to the Pinterest Community,

You guys are freaking creative! I will count myself lucky if I can copy you - much less post something original for others to try and copy.  I'm so grateful for this little community of creative, do-it-yourself-ers who think of cute things to craft, or better ways to function in daily life.  I'm also grateful for Pinterest folders where I can store this stuff away to try when I'm older, a mom, have money, have time, own a dog, eat dinner, or learn to can preserves I'll never eat from my garden I haven't planted yet.

However - I did take a day, when there were so many other things I should have been doing, and tried some of these things out - I started small.  My main goal is to build the giant lazy susan for heaven knows what overall purpose, but even if I just did a few of the small things I would find that my Pinterest account was worth it (you know - cause it cost free-ninety-nine to sign up).

Money well spent...

The Ivory Soap

You can put the bar of soap in whole, or you can break it up in to pieces and then microwave for about two minutes or so and walla -

The Naked Egg:

This one actually took more time.

After a few hours


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AuntKatween said...

Heck no, I've gotto stay in the game! I can't figure out this one though.


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