Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What do YOU mean you people?*

I've been outed twice today and all before noon.

This morning, an employee came up with what he thought was a doozy of a problem, so he said, "have you had your cup of coffee yet?"
me: I don't drink coffee
him: oh ok, well then I'll come back later.
me: I still won't have had coffee later, I don't drink it at all.

So he sat down and explained his technical issue, which was an easy fix so I asked if he needed anything else and he said, "Well, you don't drink coffee, and I remember you went to a school in Idaho," and he looked at me and I smiled cause I figured what he was about to ask and he said, "are you Mormon?" and I told him I was.  Then he told me that he wasn't (which I knew) and he said one of his best friends is and he was so excited when Coke came out with a decaffeinated version.  That made me smile for a couple of reasons.

The second time was today at physical therapy, the therapist asked how I injured myself and I told her during a basketball game and she asked if I play pick up games or in a league.  I told her I played on a church league.  So later, when she was working on my ankle she said, "what church do you play for?" and I told her, "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" and she said, "I thought so!" She went on to say you don't find many church league basketball teams and her husband used to play pick-up games with members, though they are not members.  She kept naming people that I know, so it was kind of cool.

Anyway - so on to the story of my first physical therapy session (hereto after mentioned as PT).  When I first got there, I had paperwork galore to fill out.  I can tell you something about the past three months - I'm sick and tired of paperwork!  I tried to be as honest on the form as possible because Dr. House always says that people lie, I think that people just don't realize that somethings might be helpful.  There were two sections I found difficult to answer.  The first second had me rank my difficulty with doing certain activities.  On a scale from 5-1 how much trouble do I have walking.  Easy enough, but some of the options were, running on an uneven terrain, squatting, hopping, turning sharply while running fast...I haven't done ANY of these since my "accident" so I just had to imagine if I would have difficulty with it (they wanted me to provide an answer for all options).

The last section didn't seem to fit an ankle injury (or a physical one).  The options (NOT in their words but in the words I remember):
*Crying fits
*Aversion to people
*Shortness of Breath

I was confused and kept laughing - which should probably be added to the list since it is ANOTHER "symptom" I find myself having on a regular basis.  I wasn't sure if I should check the boxes because I feel these things at all different times or if I was supposed to remember NOT feeling this way before I hurt my ankle?   Cause I'll be honest with you, I cried myself to sleep the other night...nothing was wrong, no one hurt me or offended me.  I was reading in a book and the woman missed her husband who had died years earlier and then in a different book a woman kissed her husband goodbye for the last time right before they buried his body and as I lay in bed that night, thinking about these two that I read about and I started to cry cause

Hallmark could probably get the same reaction out of me.  But the PT doesn't care about that, that has nothing to do with my ankle.  So I checked "fatigue/exhaustion" cause I figure that actually might have to do with my ankle and it's healing process.

In other news - I still wear the brace, the ankle is still swollen, the range of motion still sucks, and for now, I'm not supposed to attempt running - and the 10k is a month away.  I've run it with less preperation, I'm just hoping I can at least jog it by the time it comes around.  I'm not worried about the Color Me Rad run - cause that's just for fun and not for time anyway.

My brace (cause I don't think I ever posted a picture)


Jessica Donbrosky said...

P.S. congrats to Sarah for getting the last post's blog bucks!

G Sauce said...

Baby steps! PT should really help move things along.

AuntKatween said...

tropic thunder


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