Tuesday, March 5, 2013

She doesn't even go here!*

It's been a while.  I wish I had something exciting to update you on - but really, all I can update is that my foot is still in the Storm Trooper boot.

The Sunday after I found myself in the boot, I was set apart as the Compassionate Service Leader for my ward.  This opened me up to jokes - people kept telling me that I should get some compassionate service for myself...which I did, I organized rides, I made myself dinner, it's been great.

I am getting tired of not driving myself, not because the people haven't been great, but more so because I never before realized how much junk I carry around with me.  If I know I'll be out all day, I can take my stuff and leave most of it in the car until I need it.  Now I pack my purse full of things to keep me entertained in case I need to wait for a ride.  I have two notebooks, two books, and a rough draft of the story I am working on...all in my purse.  This doesn't account for my ibuprofen, pencil case, planner, boot pump, wallet, ipod, phone, camera, keys (that I don't really need), chap stick, lotion, and other sundry objects.  This purse is HUGE.

Anyway - last Thursday, bishop's wife picked me up from work and took me to her house to eat dinner.  Then we went to a book review for Freakling (mentioned in last post).  I felt strange about it because it was for Midlothian ward and I don't go there, I was the only outsider, luckily I had Patty with me. 

It was so much fun.  The women were really friendly and I loved hearing Lana's story about getting her book published.  From the conception of the story to getting an agent and the editing process and even working with the artist for the book cover. 

My favorite part though was when Lana said something about getting an idea for a story and becoming obsessed with it and the characters and she said, "Jessica, you know."  It made me feel legit.  I learned a lot of helpful things about finding an editor and publishing and I'm excited to keep working!

Anyway - I also just want to thank all the people who have been helping me out with rides.  It's so hard to ask for a ride and to be dependent on people.  And aside from one little snag, it's been a great experience, learning to be humble and ask for help.


Sarah said...

Mean Girls :)Hope your foot is healing quickly!

C$ said...



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