Tuesday, March 12, 2013

She'd eat if we were have Tony-loaf.*

Congrats to Isaac for getting the Wreck It Ralph quote (which happens to go with this post since that's when I saw portions of it).  This brings Isaac into the top 10!

Friday night Jacob and Tommy stayed with me.  There was a basketball game at Bailey Bridge, so I picked them up and took them to my house for dinner and then we left for the game.

On the way to my house Tommy said, "I wish your house wasn't so far away." Note to reader, my house is further, but even then, it's about 10 to 15 minutes with the interstates.  I laughed because...the drive from my house to Bailey Bridge is about 45 minutes.  He was in for a real treat.

The ride over was entertaining to say the least.  Spencer taught me a new trick with how to deceive children.  When they ask how much longer you say, "5 minutes" when they ask again you say "4 minutes".  Suddenly a 40 minute drive is only 5 minutes or less.

The boys have also apparently never seen a tower in the night.  Jake kept asking what that tower was ahead and as we drove it seemed to switch which side of the road it was on.  The boys kept asking in amazement how the towers were able to switch sides of the road, and then when we finally came up on it they wondered if the towers were following us.  And yet they wouldn't believe me when I told them I was magical and that's how I turned off my house light (motion light) or when Spencer told them an airplane was a spaceship...but towers jumping across the interstate and following us??

Turns out that the boys also have never been to a basketball game, they seemed to like it. I know Jake watched pretty closely and when my team lost by one point he said, "I wish you guys could have won" - so I know he was picking up on some of it.

When we got home it was time for bed (it was past time for bed) so the activities continued in the morning.

...bright and early...before 7:00 a.m.

I took pictures with my new camera.

I felt like this was a normal breakfast for them because I have seen it at their house a couple of times.  They enjoyed it.

The boys Tommy watch Wreck it Ralph while Jake made a camera out card stock paper.  Then the boys wanted to play the Wii so I let them.  These pictures of from when they play the cow racing game (it's a hoot).


Jake couldn't sit still he loved this game so much

Then we went to Target to get a few things and got some Icee's.  Tommy had a fun time walking through the women's section - and by fun I mean once he noticed that he was surrounded by bras he said "ew" until he came out into the aisle and then shied away from the section as though he might catch something.

Overall - I think it was a success. but I guess it's their opinion that matters most on that one.

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Sarah said...

The Incredibles! I need to watch that movie again :)


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