Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The House of Fug

For those of you who don't know I'm house hunting again...did I already say it on this blog? If so, I'm sorry for repeating myself. This is the house I am going to go look at on Monday morning.

I try not to get emotionally attached with the houses before I see them, the last one was such a disappointment. It looked nothing like the pictures and said nothing about the indoor swimming pool (i.e. the flooded basement). The other realtor said to not freak out because there will be a little water in the basement, she did not say that I could baptize grown men in the depths of the murky water. She also didn't mention that the washer/dryer hookups are located beneath that water, so...good luck.
Not having an exact location in mind where I will be living in a year I find it incredibly easy to imagine what it will be like to live in this house (this yellow house, not the pool house). That's a bad thing really, it's getting emotionally involved with a house I haven't even met. It's akin to crushing on a boy that you know nothing about. He looks good on the outside and from a distance, but until you walk through and see for yourself what he is really like you shouldn't let yourself get too involved...you shouldn't but you can't help yourself, you make him better then he is in your mind. No matter how many times you do that and tell yourself not to anymore, you still do it...frustrating.
But we'll see, maybe I will fall more in love with this house on Monday morning, maybe I'll walk through the doors and have to work incredibly hard not to let my feelings of abhorrence show on my face. Who knows.

We'll see.


Aunt_B said...

Love that house...I'll cross my fingers that it's as good as it looks!! Merry Christmas and such. :-)

AuntKatween said...

Very cute:) Good luck!!

Amber Lanae- said...

Love that house. Love your writing. Love your face!

Elaina said...

is it in the ghetto? because that might be ok for anne but i don't if it will work for us.


i'm sorry that other house didn't turn out good. it sounded so good on the internet! i hope this one on monday turns out to be the man of your dreams... and doesn't smell like pizza.

C$ said...

That house looks cute! I hope everything goes great on Monday. Merry Christmas!


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