Thursday, December 10, 2009

That will teach me to wear white pants after labor day.*

10 points for title
15 additional points for saying the next line...I love that line.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their Miley hating support. I greatly appreciate it. Sometimes it's hard to gauge if you are alone or extreme when you judge celebrities. Anyway. Let's get to it.

Here's my problem. I look at "followers" and see 28 and think, "30 is such a neat, clean number...can't I have 30?" And then a little voice says, "No." I don't think I write often enough to attract "new" traffic. I should be grateful for what I have. But 30 is a nice number.

Here's my other problem. Rain. Lots and lots of rain. I don't remember it raining this much last year, in fact I have a nice little gauge to know that it did not. Right outside of my room there is a carpet that covers a drain, this drain has had it up to here.

That's gross. But, the point is, it didn't do this last year, therefore I know it didn't rain this much. We let it dry out and my sister let me use a carpet cleaner to suck the water up. However, it has now done it 3 times, because it won't. Stop. Raining! I'm getting sick of it.

It used to not rain so much here. I just can't remember when that was. October maybe? This next picture was taken a week before it started to rain off and on (for at least the past month now).

I thought it was funny that they were out there on the boat and planned to do a "Jobs I'd hate more than my own" blog entry, but I must share it now to show the contrast.

...and after 4 (I think) days of rain -

The only reason that it did not flood the parking lot at work was because those little yellow jacket men had cut the holes in for sides of the concrete...just in the nick of time too. You can see the water rushing through one of the holes. This was taken early November.

And this one was yesterday morning.

Even if I weren't too busy to write most days I just wouldn't have the heart. Rain depresses me. I even had a nightmare about rain the other night. This little tiny woman (seriously tiny, like inhuman, only a little taller than a pen) was trying to cross a busy street in New York, but there were all these cars. She was trying to be cautious but then she got hit by a car, was flung into a puddle, and was swept away down into the sewer. Remembering that dream still gives me the creeps. Does anyone interpret dreams?


Elaina said...

i don't think you're supposed to wear white pants after 1985.

never been kissed. best movie ever written about me.

Sarie Lou said...

oooh rain is sucky. at least it isn't snow. we have snow...and it's very cold. :(


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