Tuesday, December 29, 2009

May I admire you again today?*

Saturday I went to see Sherlock Holmes with the family (really good by the way, at least I think so). I rode with my parents to and from the theater and on the drive home we passed a house that was for sale. Right next to the 'for sale' sign was a sign that read 'I'm beautiful on the inside!'

My first thought: Ah, the sweet spirit house.

For those of you who don't know, sweet spirit is a term often used to describe a girl who may not exactly be attractive on the outside, but she's a really nice person. At least that is the way it has been explained to me. Anyway, it made me smile because that totally goes into my whole theory about how house hunting is just like dating. Then it made me smile more because somehow I can relate everything to dating (i.e. baking, shopping at thrift stores, and now house hunting).

With that being said, I have fallen in love and feel more than ready to take a leap into the biggest commitment of my life (thus far). The house I went to look at yesterday is just as adorable in real life as it is in the pictures. Granted, it's got that, "I want to buy all new appliances right away" feel, but that's what I like to call 'potential'...plus, what house comes perfectly fit for you? None. I really want this house, cross your fingers and say some prayers for me!


Amber Lanae- said...

*Pretty In Pink

And I'm crossing all fingers, all toes, my legs, and my arms for you! (Plus I'm adding in some prayers!)

Sarie Lou said...

ooh, house hunting is an adventure! gotta love it. :)

G Sauce said...

Ooo, sweet spirit, You're so.... nice.
You may not appear it, But your soul's a pearl of great price.
You're such a good person, Sincere and true.
You'll never hear her cursin'
You're such a special person,
I hope your looks don't worsen,
Or you'll never say: "I do."

Lildonbro said...

Ha! G - where did that come from? I've never heard it before!

Nick and Marianne said...

I wanted points..but I'm never quick enough any more. I'm putting in good thoughts for the house and to clarify I am still not the proud owner. I got the trilogy of animation (Nightmare, Corpse Bride and Coraline). Come to California.


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