Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taking a chance on an unknown kid*

Addendum to my nicknames: Donbron (most guys at church), D-money (work), and The Brow (Amber)...happy now? :P

Onward blogger!

Tuesday night I did one of the best things I could ever do, I indulged Elaina Monster Truck Butterface in one of her crazy desires. Mentos and coke.



Then Chris taught us fire breathing.


In case you were wondering about Chris's outfit it's because he didn't want to get his clothes dirty...he doesn't just walk around like that.

Elaina got pretty excited about it and wanted to try it out too.


The flash made her face too white, but hopefully you can see the cornstarch damage.

Thus ends this chapter of the adventures of Butterface.


Sarie Lou said...

clueless! thanks LA Bus driver :)

G Sauce said...

Clueless - Travis

Lildonbro said...

Ha-ha! Okay, the judge says that you both get the points since it seems to be a tie.

Katie H said...

Crap. I totally knew it was Travis, but my computer was being stupid & now i'm too late. SObbbbb...

Elaina said...

dang that was so much fun. i love getting into shenanigans.

Tini-P said...

CLUELESS!!!!! I sometimes quote Travis' tardy acceptance speech at random times. It's fun.


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