Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank you for my festive sweater!*

It's that time of the year again, the time to make New Year's resolutions. I like having the whole rhyming theme. There was "Get a date in '08" where my main goal was to get an even number of dates. I failed - I got 5 but couldn't seem to seal the deal for 6. Well, okay, my main goal was to get a date, in the which I succeeded. But upon getting 5 dates I felt I couldn't live with an odd number (call me OCD, I don't care). Some of you are thinking how sad it is that I could only get 5 dates in one gets sadder, that was considered a very successful year.

Then it was"'bout time in '09" I didn't have anything in particular in mind for this, but I did get a boyfriend, and that certainly earned an "about time". Especially if we follow the theme for the previous year.

This year I am going with "Do it again in 2010" (pronounced 'twenty ten'). What 'it' is I'm unsure, but you know, leaving all that to chance in '09 worked pretty well for me. No need to get specific. My other options was "Get more men in 2010" but I don't want to come across as that kind of girl. Besides, a lot of my goals are surprisingly (sarcasm) repeats of the years before. You could look at this in two ways. The first: That they are repeats because I failed; the second: that they are repeats because they worked so well. Or Three: that they are repeats because they are so good and I failed.

Goal number one: Read one book a month - A mix - I failed and passed, if you average things out I passed. When the months were good and the nights were lonely I did an excellent job reading. I read so much that I made up for the time when the nights/months were busy.

Goal number two: Finish writing my own story. Not "my own story" like my memoirs, but the fictional story I am currently writing. I have a feeling the end of the year (2010) could sneak up on my and I may never finish it.

Goal three: Become more handy: I want to change my own tire, I want to fix things around the house (but actually know I am doing them right). I still want to build something, maybe start simple with a bookcase, but I want to build something with my own hands.

Goal four: Budget. Yup, still on there. Some months I am amazingly good at...tracking what I spend. I need to get better about telling myself 'no' to those impulse buys and keeping the limits I set for myself in different areas.

Goal Five: Have more self discipline. I'm what you would call a fault. As if lazy could ever be considered as anything but. I would like to set goals and stick to them, I would like to wake up early to work out, go to bed early enough to no longer have these circles under my eyes. This really should be Goal Number 1 if we look at it on a scale of importance, but we don't, so it stays here. Once this goal is begun the others should be easier to handle. Like learning Latin before all the other languages (or was that Spanish...I don't know I took sign language).

Goal Six: Get my PHR designation: Technically I am cheating by putting this one down because I have already signed up for the class...but that doesn't guarantee that I will sign up for the exam, much less pass it, so this is a 'must' as far as goals go. Get that designation!

Goal Seven: Pay Attention! I am the girl who is lucky she knows that Obama is president, Michael Jackson died, ...and that's all I can think of. That's how out of touch I am. I'm not going to start watching TV or anything, but I could make more of an effort to know what's going on in the world. I wish they had a Current Events for Dummies that you could have delivered to your door each day, but they don't, so I have to be proactive and get out there and read!

Goal Eight: Lose Weight: It just isn't a New Year's resolution list without this one. I'm doing good so far, but I could always lose more.

Goal Nine: Floss: Okay, maybe I'm having a hard time thinking of more goals, but it's a good one.

Goal Ten: Be bold: Not to try and steal Ford's amazing motto, but seriously, I think I lack a spine most of the time. I'm too timid when I need to be more brazen (most of this all has to do with work, but there are other areas too). I need to stop being afraid that I am going to get in trouble for demanding more (i.e. a response to someone when I send them an e-mail or leave a voicemail...I didn't do it for my health buddy). Ahem - as I sit here waiting for a response from someone at work, blogging rather than going and confronting, that's why it's a goal...for next year.

There you have it peeps, ten goals for the next year.


Amber Lanae- said...

*Trapped in Paradise

The Ottley's said...

D- What's the progress with the adorable house pictured below?! I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

wow, 10 goals...I'm sure I have 10 goals, but I didn't want to overwhelm my self :)

Katie H said...

I like your goals.


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