Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is There A Problem Officer?*

Okay. Oh wait. Happy New Year! Okay, now that the formalities are over and done with.

I brought in the New Year with the church choir. A group of us went to Dave and Buster's for New Year's Eve dinner. Elaina works at Dave and Buster's and I don't know if we got any special treatment due to this, other than the entire staff stopping in to harass Elaina and mess up her order for kicks and giggles. At one point one of them asked Elaina if this was the youth group from church and as I recall her response was that it was the choir. So, I didn't actually go out with the choir, but I did.

After dinner we all went to Brianna's house. Elaina and Jim rode with me and Ronnie followed...unfortunately I still haven't gotten that tire fixed, so with the doughnut on the car I didn't take the interstate, rather we cruised the main drag (Broad) all the way to Brianna's house. It only took three times the amount of time it would have taken if we had taken 64. And if we had taken 64 then Jim wouldn't have been able to yell to the locals that he wasn't wearing pants (which he did yell, and he was wearing pants). That changed their yells of "Happy New Year" to "F-you" with the finger in the air. I kept trying to roll his window back up but he held his finger on the button so it stayed open. I thought, this is it, this is the moment I get shot at downtown.

We finally get to Brianna's and we pull out the game Balderdash, which was lying on the floor. The main reason - karaoke. I don't do karaoke, nor do I enjoy others taking a shot at it. Unless they are amazingly good at it or drunk there is no enjoyment in the activity (for me). It's more like watching tryouts for American Idol (another thing I can't do), painful in every way. Everyone else in the room was preparing to sing their hearts out with the karaoke machine. No thanks. So a group of 5 of us played the game instead.

We turned on the television a few minutes to midnight and I swear it's the fastest midnight has ever come. I can't recall three minutes counting down so quickly in all my life. We hung out for a little longer and then headed home. I got home and crashed, I was exhausted. When I woke up on Friday morning I was sick as a dawg (ha! I was rereading this and realized that I put "dawg" when I should have put "dog" but I love the mistake so much I'm leaving it). I took some medicine and went back to bed, I woke up every couple of hours to get some fluids in me and take more medicine. I slept all the way until 3:30 in the afternoon and then I lay there in bed for a few hours more. Turns out I had the New Year's Flu (I don't know what it is, but I feel better if it has a name). I went until 9:30 when I realized I was hungry, so I ordered a pizza (big mistake by the way, don't eat pizza when you don't feel well). The pizza guy came as quickly as midnight did the night before. I went to the door, he gave me the pizza and dropped a broken dog biscuit on the box and said, "That's for your dog." He gave a little smile and left while I sat there with a slightly mumbled 'thank you' escaping my lips. It completely threw me, but not for long. I tossed the biscuit to Chubbs who decided to hold out and see if he could get any pizza, then gave up and ate the bone.


Joanna and Ben said...

Star Trek

Joanna and Ben said...

Poor Jessie...sorry you got the sick, you didn't tell us but that's all right, I hope you're better now. By the way, how did the pizza guy know you had a dog??

Elaina said...

what the what?! that's so weird about the dog bone. it would have been even sadder if he said it was for you. and then i would have to hunt and him down and break his knee caps.

it was a pretty interesting time at d&b. yes, yes it was. and when you said 5 of us played balderdash i was like what is that true but it turns out i just forgot about that guy who plays the piano, what's his name?

and also i thought we were going to get shot too. we were all totally wearing pants.


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