Monday, January 18, 2010

You one celled paramecium brain*

We have a new guy at work, he's a contractor so I didn't know he was coming. It apparently also means he needs a trashcan. It's amazing to me how many workstations don't have trashcans in this place. Anyway, I went down and gave him a trash can and as I was leaving I said, "Nice to meet you," and then realized we hadn't really met. I knew his name, but he didn't know mine, I hadn't introduced myself. So I jumped back towards his workstation and introduced myself. As I was leaving he calls out, "The Mouseketeer Roll Call is complete" or something like that. I laughed, for his sake...I had no clue what he was talking about. I assume it has to do with the Mickey Mouse Club, but I never watched that as a kid. You see, Disney used to be a separate channel, one you had to pay more money for even though you had cable. It also didn't have commercials (I know from the week or two sample they would give us every so often in hopes of hooking us in, but really we'd pull out the recordable VHS(s) and start recording movies we didn't want to buy). Either way...even though I don't think I presented more than one way (if that), he strikes me as weird. I don't appreciate when people whip out the Disney references in a work place environment, I mean, a movie quote from Disney - not a problem...something from a television show from back when it was a special channel...not cool, not cool at all.


Elaina said...

suffering from peter pan envy?


was the guy old? if he was old that explains it. if he was not old... that doesn't explain anything.

also when you say contractor do you mean he builds things or you give him contract work?

Lildonbro said...

Butter, the guy is around our age (I apologize...around MY age :P) Bob's not a builder on this one, he does contract work.
And yes, I suffer Peter Pan envy ;) you got it right.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I didn't have Disney channel either growing up but let me tell you, when the preview week would come, I would be out of bed early and watch it constantly!


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