Friday, January 29, 2010

They blend into the pavement.*

It's a pant swoosh day. I'm just saying.

Today marks the end of the longest week of my life. I can't tell you how much I've wished for Friday to come, but in all reality I am wishing for some other Friday. Some Friday where it actually marks the end of the "busy season". I don't know when this happened, when all of a sudden every night I had something I have to do. I've been trying to think where I can "cut back" but in all honesty, I don't see where that is. This coming Monday starts my PHR class (Professional in Human Resources), that will go from 6-9...bye bye Mondays. Tuesday nights I have Institute, which I thoroughly enjoy and honestly need in my life. Wednesday nights I'll be doing visits for my calling which take up a good hour to two hours sometimes. Thursday nights are either basketball games or basketball practice, Friday nights are usually games - but hopefully soon they will translate into a night I can spend at home (yes, a single girl wishing for a Friday night home alone...that's how bad it is right now). Saturdays are always full, even when I think I've got them open I suddenly find myself Saturday evening not having gotten a thing done that I needed to...not because I sit around on my duff either, because trust me, I've written that on the "to do" list.

I guess I'm just stressed. I like to spend time alone, at home, and wasn't able to do it this week so it gets to me. I haven't even been able to fold my laundry and put it away. My room is a mess, and that kind of makes me a mess. And I ran over a cat the other day too! This would be the first animal that I've run over...oh wait...just to clear it up, I had no part in the death, the thing was already dead, but hadn't been for long. It was just as bad as if I had been the first to hit it. That kind of stuff can stay with a person. It's supposed to snow here...a lot, and I have to be honest, I almost hope that it does because then I will be able to stay at home and get some stuff done! When it snows like that in Virginia it's like the whole state shuts down, any and all plans you had are canceled, and I'm okay with that.

In other news, I just faxed in my employment verification from the mortgage company. Ah the joys of HR, I get that incredibly awkward moment where they sent the verification for me. I fill these things out for people all the time - this time it was for me. I'm sure they frown upon me doing my own request so I had Wanda fill it out. However, she made me call and ask them to send it again because we messed up on the form. So I called and was about to say who I was and then thought how odd it would be for me to state my name, then tell her I needed her to send the verification request for me again. So instead she picks up the phone, states her name and I say, "Hello, hey, um (the 'um' is for when in my mind I say, "This is Jessica"), yeah, let me start over." So I was completely rude in that I never said who I was just whose verification I needed them to fax to me again (which, in case you didn't follow, was my own). I tried to make up for it with a cheerful "Thank you" but who knows if it worked. All I can say is that was interesting.

Also, the appraiser has gone to the house and said that there wouldn't be a problem appraising it for the contract amount (which I was worried about). It doesn't mean it is all in the clear, but it's definitely good. I'm inching closer and closer everyday.


Amber Lanae- said...


Amber Lanae- said...

For you, and for no one else, I will hope the snow comes in full force tonight so that you can have a day at home tomorrow.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Happy weekend my dear!

Sarie Lou said...

you can have all the snow and cold from the west! I don't want any of it here! At least we aren't in Minnesota.

G Sauce said...

Damn the snow! I have things to do next week and this snow could make the difficult!

Good luck on the house!


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