Monday, January 11, 2010

Why would I joke about hemophilia?*

This weekend was pretty busy for me. I'm glad it's over and done with...but I wish it were still the weekend, make sense? Friday night we had our first basketball game. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous, but we won! We really won! I felt pretty good afterwards. It's different playing against girls then playing against guys. I play against the guys and leave thinking, "Well, at least I got a workout." I play against girls and leave thinking, "Well, at least I didn't send any of them to the hospital." I love basketball.

Saturday morning I had my fourth round of Driving Improvement School...never been? You should do all in your power to correct that. You can volunteer for the course, if you have any negative points on your driver's license this can help that, or if you want to bring your insurance down, you can check with your agent about that. But really, if you aren't ordered to by the court, DMV, or your insurance agent then don't bother. I was originally signed up to take the course on December 19th, but we had that snow and the whole state shut down. When I called to reschedule, the 9th was the only day available on this side of town. That resulted in two classes being rolled into one...very cramped. However, one good thing came out of that, it meant that we didn't have to take the test, there just wasn't enough time for him to get through all the material, we take the test, he grade them, write up our certificates, and get out by 5 o'clock. Fine by me, I hate tests and I could hardly understand him when he was talking, he said something about the dentist and judging by the tissue he clung to the entire day I am guessing he had a cold too. After lunch he was more stuffy then before and I lost all hope of knowing most of what he said. We spent the first hour and half paying and getting to know each other, then it was like a driving Q&A session until lunch, he gave us a little longer on lunch then usual and when we got back we were right back into the Q&A. We watched some videos (one being a Disney cartoon about driving), then we spent the last hour of class discussing drinking and driving. Finally he let us go. Luckily for me my class was at the hotel right behind the place we were having our work party. I got out of the class around 4:50 and I needed to be at the place at 5:30. So I just went right over and changed in the bathroom, put on my face, tried to straighten my hair (but that was a no go) and met up with my sister, Kathryn, for the party.

I have to say, I really liked having my sister there, I was immediately more comfortable then the year before. It also helped that we were at The Place, rather than the Jefferson, because I actually know most of the people working at The Place (that's what it is called - The Place). Kathryn and I had a lot of fun playing blackjack and craps, we made a new best friend who told us what to do at the craps table and helped us to "win big" (pretty much, we won a lot of little chips, never got a big one). People kept thinking we were getting pictures together so we got plenty of the two of us. Since my brother-in-law was one of the chefs working the event, but no one else knew it, we told two of the ladies from my work that my sister thought he was cute but was too nervous to talk to him. They both volunteered to go get his number. The first one we ended up telling her right away that Kathryn and him were married. The other one we let it go for our own personal amusement. We finally told her by the end of the night, mostly when she said that she had talked to him and found out he was a Cowboys fan...that's when we knew she hadn't talked to Mike...she had the wrong chef, she was talking to Nick. So now Kathryn and I joke that I have a new brother-in-law, Nick. Farewell Mike, you were a good brother-in-law. Anyway, long post short, below are pictures from the evening. I only picked out a few (we took over 100) and I put them in a slide show so that this wouldn't be an even longer post. Enjoy.


Katie H said...

Raising Helen. Ha.

C$ said...

Katie beat me to it. Dang it!

Sarie Lou said...

dang. I knew that one too! :( love that movie. Aah, that like a moped?

Amber Lanae- said...

I'm pretty sure that the best part about your weekend was Amber coming home...but I could be wrong


Love your dress and bolero! You looked gorgeous!

Gingerella said...

Oooh pictures, I likey! Sounds like you had fun with your sister. :) Better luck next time for a big win, though.


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