Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm sorry, the wind caught it*

Friday when I went home for lunch I stopped the car just as I was pulling into the driveway because I saw this beast! Notice the proportions! Don't try to fool yourself into thinking, "Oh, they've just got one of those midget light posts, like in Santa's little winter wonderland. The kind that are short enough for the elves to perform maintenance on."
No folks, that light post is standard make and model, several feet taller and bigger than the elves' post. I mean, this bird could swoop in and pluck Chubbers right out of the yard.

I had mixed emotions as I looked at this bird of prey. The first of course being that it couldn't be real, my roommate just put a rather large decoration on the light post, you know, because Halloween is only ten months away.
The next feeling was a slight uneasiness. Like standing at the edge of a cliff and looking down into the endless depths below. It's pretty darn cool to see a bird of this size! I thought the black birds in this neighborhood were rather large, but this guy makes them look like mice...tiny ones. Then there was the uneasiness of seeing a creature look ALL THE WAY around itself without moving it's body. Notice here in this photo, his head is on backwards! I may be naive, I have never claimed otherwise, but I honestly never thought I would see this type of bird in front of my house, or ever in my life unless I paid money. I tried to roll down the window to take a better picture, but it finally sensed my presence and flew off.

That brought on the next feeling, fear. This bird was somewhere nearby, any moment he could swoop down, unprovoked, and attack. I'm no coward, my main problem comes from not wanting to look like one. You know, like when you think a bug is crawling up your arm so you slap your arm only to find a piece of hair sitting there. How does one handle the prospect of a face off with this beast with any amount of dignity?? No, it's best to avoid it. So I went quickly inside, let Chubbs outside to fend for himself and made my lunch.

I am, however, happy to report that both Chubbers and I are safe and sound.


Cassie said...

that is one crazy large bird. . . and it's funny how the in the picture you just want to pretend that the lampost is elf size instead of the regular size.

and as for the * -yet again NO IDEA. Thank you thank you I am the awesomest.

Sarah said...

yeah, now I"m having a hard time picturing how big a real lamp post is. ever since you said elf that's why I got in my head.
I've seen those bird too though (but never THAT close) like on a fence post across the field, and they are pretty big.
Good move sending the dog out :)

Katie H said...


Too bad when I was in the Goochieland, we saw vultures all the time. Freakkkkky.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Wow, that thing is mammoth!

Elaina said...

gee wiz! that's almost as scary as the monkey eating eagle!

G Sauce said...

I do believe that is an owl people. They aren't going to attack you or Chubs. There must be some ideal food around your neighborhood for him.

However if that was a vulture like KT mentioned in Goochland I would be scared. Not that they will come after you until you are road kill but still.


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