Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've never taken drugs because I missed the sixties, I was an accountant.*

I've been listening to British music, I mean, at least I think it is. She's got an accent and one song is about "Londontowne" I threw the 'e' in there because I feel like Londoners write "town" as "towne"...what do I know? I'm a pompous American.

Wait - In my defense, I don't even know what goes on in my own country. So I'm not pompous anything, I'm just lazy and ig'nant.

POINT being - sorry, I have a head cold and my mind wanders when it is cold. My coworker is wearing glasses today, I don't know why he's wearing them. I tend to not mention I notice things to people so that if they are feeling self conscious they won't. It's like, "Oh, she didn't say anything, I must blend in today." But...I notice things. So we were walking down the hall towards each other and I just wanted to tell him that he is looking pretty dapper. Two things stopped me though:
  1. He's married, I don't much like complimenting married men (call me strange, but I think it's smart).
  2. I'm not British! (Much to my dismay, I would love to have an accent like that and refer to the bathroom as 'the lou', the elevator as 'the lift', etc. etc. etc.). I would mean it sincerely but wonder if I sounded as though I was mocking.

See my dilemma? So...I say nothing. ...and now I have the song stuck in my head.

C'est La Vie.

Wait, I'm not French!

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