Thursday, March 10, 2011

The doctor's considering it doubtful whether he will ever recover the use of his legs, which prevents his holding a pen.*

I found my book!

The only problem is that while I was in my 'lost book' depression I started to read several others, just to try and fill the void. I am now currently reading 8 books. ...I have a problem.

In other news: Today I trained employees on the electronic timesheets. I haven't done any short of training in 3 years. When I first started to train for Ukrop's I watched the other trainers for several weeks, wrote up all the important things, wrote an outline for myself so I wouldn't forget the most important stuff and then practiced it until I almost had it memorized before I ever trained anyone (p.s. this is due to nervousness, not perfectionism - there is a big difference. I do the same kind of prep for when I have to give a talk or lesson at church - well, almost the same, but I can tell you I usually have at least half of it memorized).

Last night was the first time I got to run through my head what I wanted to train them on, I went through the system and the job aid I created and took notes (the important points I didn't want to miss, etc.) and that's when I noticed a problem in the job aid. So I had to open that up and make the changes and send it to my boss. Then this morning I printed out all the copies for the employees so that they would have them during training to take notes. I went down to the training room and set everything up the way I wanted and then I spent 30 minutes sitting at my desk trying to calm myself down. There are reasons I didn't continue to pursue a career in education. I don't know how to calm down except to stop caring, but I can't stop caring because this is all me in front of these people, if I stammer or mess's me. So I get nervous. And want to throw up, or quit, or die, or something.

The biggest group was first - it was actually probably the funnest group too, it had enough people that I felt comfortable enough to make jokes.

For time off request you can put a reason for request and Angie was speaking while I was typing in my reason, "Going to Italy to visit my male-model boyfriend. Need to buy plane tickets." People seemed to like that one. So I liked training (again, I used to be one, so it was almost like going back in time). But now I'm signed up to teach three other classes! What the mess?!

In other news - we had our last game tonight. We played Bon Air (who read my blog but never comment so I totally forget that they read it). I had a good 'stuffing' night, not as good as last time though. I got Stephanie a few times. I fouled Stephanie a few times too...

My favorite was at one point when I kind of, sort of pushed Steph and she fell out of bounds (it was an accident by the way, I didn't just reach out and push her) and one of the refs, Fred (my favorite) just stood there for a second and our eyes were locked and part of me hoped he wouldn't call anything, but I knew it had to come...but it wasn't coming! I theorize that maybe he was afraid to call it on me because I always give him grief when he calls stuff on me. Finally he blew his whistle and called a push. But the delay really made me laugh.

Over all, a pretty good day.


Joanna & Ben said...

you do have a do you keep the books straight. i would start to mix the characters up and have them doing things that, in their proper literary setting, they would never do. It would be a mess. However, I am glad that you found your book.

G Sauce said...

Hurray for finding the book!

I am reading...I think 5.

Isaac said...

I thought the delayed call by Fred was hilarious too. I started cracking up.


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