Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No, give me a noble mission, father.*

Another busy weekend under my belt. I feel very productive/exhausted. Almost too tired to write, but I do like writing. Friday night I went up to the Temple. I was going to go Saturday but I really needed to work on my fence. So I left work at 4 on Friday and drove up, barely hitting any traffic and getting home around 11-11:30. Saturday morning I woke up early and ran 4 miles, then went and got my oil changed, and then I met up with Dad so we could get down to business, fence business that is.

We went to one of my favorite places (Lowe's) and purchased supplies for four, 6 foot segments of vinyl fencing. I have to say, I like the idea of having a wood fence for a privacy fence, but the vinyl quickly grew on me.

This is the first hole that Dad dug for the post. Notice all that water? It rained a lot this past week I guess. I saw the hole and said, "So that's what my well probably looks like!" ...Gross.

Dad working on the first section of the fence.

Finally Dad gave me something to do and once I got the hang of it I really went with it. It was so much fun. I measured first where to put all the brackets, then I drilled holes for the screws, then I screwed the brackets in to place. After the fence was up I also drilled holes and screwed some other part of the fence.

Me, drilling the holes. I'm still geeking out about how cool this is (for me).

Just so you know, Theo was there and he wanted to take pictures, that's why I have so many of me working. Plus, why wouldn't I want to document this awesomeness?

The first section of the new fence...only a few more dedicated Saturdays (and budget) to go.

Now my fence reminds me of a black and white cookie, but this is also a cool way to see a before and after. The new vinyl fence to the left and the "original" fence that came with the house to the right. I feel good about this.

Sunday I kept sneaking a peek out my back window at the fence. I think it's safe to say that I'm a little bit in love.


Joanna & Ben said...

looks good! So proud of you. It will look like a new bright backyard when you are done. Is that quote from Mansfield Park?

Sarah said...

the fence looks great! And YAY Power tools!

Brianna said...

I know this one too! Mansfield Park. The Frances O'Connor version.

Vanessa said...

Yay for new fences!

Also, loving your new Easter theme on the blog! Super cute!

G Sauce said...

Awesome and it will last much longer then the wood. Or at least is should. I also like that you are doing in a segments as budget allows. Very responsible of you! Now I sound like a mother or something. You should put a cute little white fence out front too, with pretty flowers and a gnome!


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