Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're going to play a wonderful game called... "Who is my daddy and what does he do?"*

This past weekend was very busy for me...okay, Saturday was very busy for me. Friday night Amber and I went and hung out with Marissa and Lori. I love these girls. They may think I'm a bit over the top in weirdness that they know I make up diseases for myself. We planned an awards banquet for our basketball team (details to follow in this post).

Anyway, on to Saturday!
17th Annual Shriner's Pancake Breakfast

No pictures...sorry. We had our 17th annual pancake breakfast, which in reality is probably our 5th? Maybe? We throw out random numbers each time. And it's not even annual, random would be a better world. This time when I made the Facebook invite I added at the end that this was a real event because in the past I have gotten e-mails asking if it was real or not. So having put that, one of the girls I invited wrote on the wall and asked if we were making donations. Cause Shriner's do that...I laughed and apologized and explained that the event was real, but not that real. In others, the pancakes will be real, the lineup of deceased guest speakers are not, and we are not actually affiliated with the Shriner's...oops.

I wouldn't say it was a huge success, but we had our food, and we had fun. My favorite was the Jesse showing up around 2 p.m. long after the pancakes were gone. It was a nice gesture though, I'll give him that.

Moving on.
1st Annual Chippenham Women's Basketball Awards Banquet

Thursday night it was decided that we would have an awards banquet with...awards. Marissa and I decided that it needed to be in a public place, because something about being in public just screams 50% more fun. So we made it to be Cici's because 1. It's cheap. 2. You can't go wrong with pizza. Unless you have a girl on your team who is allergic to cheese...oops again. BUT CiCi's will make a cheese less pizza! Okay, now on to pictures (I swiped these from Ashley because I forgot my camera).

Carolyn with her "Best Shot" award

Lori with "The Squeezer" Award (she would just squeeze right through two opponents who were trying to block her way.

Ashley and Drew (and me)
Ashley with her "'Sock' it to 'em" award (I'm pretty proud of that one) She wore crazy socks at our second and final 'win'
Amber, Lori and me presenting the awards...right there in the middle of CiCi's

We had lots of other awards, such as the "White on Rice" award presented to Erica for her incredible pressing skills on the court. There was "Minute Ballah" and the "Not Afraid to Use What God Gave You" awards. It was a lot of fun, but felt pretty short lived. If I am playing next year I think we shall do this again at the end of the session.

The Fence - First viewing

Hello neighbor...

I looked at some prices online and it turns out that Dad went to the store on Saturday and priced out some. We figure I'll change out a little bit here and a little bit there until the whole yard has a nice new fence...and then it will be time for something else to break.


Lacee said...

You're so lucky to have a CiCi's out there...I envy you.

housewife said...

It's kind of like the "dundees" then:) What exactly was the "Not Afraid to Use What God Gave You" award? :)

I agree. I think we'd be pretty good friends. :)

Lildonbro said...

wow, you weren't kidding about The Office :) I totally forgot about the dundees!

The 'Not Afraid to Use What God Gave You' Award was given for boxing out (so...using your bum to push the other girls out of the way). We put a disclaimer at the bottom that we were not saying she had a big butt. She loved it.

Joanna & Ben said...

your social life blows me out of the water...I hang out with little midgets all day, they are fun though. And, isn't that quote from Kindergarten Cop?

G Sauce said...

Erica does have skillz. That fence looks sad.


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