Monday, March 28, 2011

Now they know that we know that they know that we know!*

I was hoping that today's post would be filled with pictures and adventurous stories about having changed my shower head. My dad said that changing a shower head was super easy and that I could do it myself. Having mastered the drill and helping to put up a fence last week I thought, "I can do this!" So I opened up my new shower head and put the parts together like the instructions said to, then I looked at my old shower head. I said to myself, "I guess it just unscrews or something." So I reached up and started to turn it. The whole thing came out of the wall and I shrugged my shoulders and thought maybe the new one screwed right in to the wall. I tried didn't work. So I put the old one back on and decided I would call Dad later. I then proceeded to scrub that shower (yes...I needed a nap after this because I am still feeling a little drained for my unidentified sickness). I turned on the shower to rinse the wall and the water barely came out, so I reached up and tried to twist the shower head, thinking maybe I hadn't put it on tight enough (don't worry, I turned off the water first). Then the shower head got stuck upside down in all the turning, so I tried to turn it the other way to loosen it and that's when it happened...the shower head just SNAPPED! I was a bit shocked; I just don't know my own strength sometimes.

The trip to see Dad became imperative at that moment. I took some pictures and the shower head over to my dad's to have a look. We're going to fix it at some point this week. I have another shower in the house, so there's no rush.

Later though, I was cleaning the dishes and I was washing one of the spatulas when it suddenly SNAPPED. ...for someone who is feeling weak I sure do seemed to have my muscularly arms on this weekend.

Saturday afternoon I went over to Joanna’s house and Jacob got a book about Atlas(es?) In the back of the book was a map of the world. Jacob showed me all about “Japand” (would that mean that people there are Japandas?) and “Alasisika” and a few other places. Then he walked off while Jo and I started to talk. Then Jacob came back over, pointed to a little dot on the map and says, “Is this where your boy is?” I was a little thrown off by the question, but I looked down at the map and he was pointing to a little dot, just east of Madagascar called “Reunion”. I looked up at Jo and was like, “Who taught him that?” and she said he must have just heard her talking about my “boyfriend” and just calls him my boy now. So my nephew knows exactly where Bryan is…kind of cute and pretty amazing for a little kid. We showed my parent’s later and I pointed at Reunion and said, “Who’s there?” and Jacob said, “Your boy!” …It just made me smile (3 months left btw).

Sunday my mom looked at my blood tests results. She said everything looked good except the glucose levels (which, now that I think about it, all I had had that day was a sprite right before the doctor but nothing else). So I said, “That’s it, I’m giving up sugar!” which was immediately followed by responses from all three of the peanut gallery.

Mom: No you’re not

Kat: Don’t forget your cookies

Jo: Don’t forget your peeps.

Me:…Alright! Alright! But I’m cutting back.

Is it any wonder I can’t give up sugar for good? I get NO family support in this!


Sarah said...

Friends! I love that show :)

Katie H said...


Lildonbro said...

Not my intention when quoting it, but I'd believe that it is from that show so you both will get points. But it's from an 80's movie :)

Marissa said...

The Burbs

And... I appreciate that Amber posts this week about Richmond basketball and you post about sugar and shower heads...

Joanna & Ben said...

I totally knew it was the burbs but other people need points too. Sorry for the sugar pressure, not intended

G Sauce said...

Maybe you are really stronger now then before. You just don't feel it. Maybe your sickness is your transformation into a mutant or something!


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