Friday, March 18, 2011

Where we're going, we don't need roads!*

So today I accidentally sent out an appointment request for an event that happened on March 8th. MARCH 8TH! Oops.

I realized what I did immediately when a reminder popped up on my screen telling me that I was ten days late for the meeting ("Ten days late" are also lyrics from a song that is now stuck in my head, 20 blog bucks to whoever can name the band!). I hate when I make big boo-boos like that. So about 20-or so people got the reminder for a meeting they had already attended. I sat there, starring at my computer and wondering what I should do next. "Maybe they won't notice." I lied to myself.

So I sent a message to all the attendees, I had to make it quick before anyone could get their smart remarks in (cause with this group there's bound to be at least one) this is what it said:

I apologize for the invite that just went out for the brown bag that has already occurred. It was a slip of the mouse. Thanks for your understanding.

Despite my apology I still got this:

I will not be able to attend the March 8th meeting due to space/time constraints imposed by the laws of physics.

I love/hate the people I work with. Mostly because they are smart mouths like me.


Amber Lanae- said...

*Third Eye Blind!!!!


Ed Donbrosky said...

Back to the Future...The first one. Sounds like the group I used to work with.

Isaac said...

Back to the future and Third Eye Blind.

Nick and Marianne said...

For the title :Back to the Future and the band is Third Eye Blind. P.s. It's always and never fun to work with smart mouths...this time I think it's funny. Miss you.

Joanna & Ben said...

Back to the Future. That is pretty late for a meeting. Nice goof, it wasn't a bad one so enjoy it.

Vanessa said...

Everyone makes silly mistakes, but I still hate when it happens to me!

Happy Monday!

G Sauce said...

Back To The Future Part II. Although also in Part III when he goes back to the Future and he sees himself and Doc leaving to go to the Future.


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