Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"I cannot live without books."

Two months down, ten to go.

...7 books down...43 to go...eek.

January - 4

February - 3

I had trouble getting into this one at first, but I hit a spot and couldn't put it down (helped that I was flying coast to coast while working on this one). Very good read, made me cry at the end, which not a lot of books really do to me. I just have to say, Markus Zusak does a good job of making you believe a curse word is a term of endearment (if you read it you will see).
The Book Thief is set during the Holocaust so I was hesitant to read another Holocaust, but while I was in California, Mur suggested I read this one. It's a quick read and as with almost all books of this type, doesn't really have a happy ending. But it was worth the read.

I got to the end of this one and was like, "LAME ending!" But then I discovered that it has a sequel (and possibly part of a series). So, with the lame ending gone, I really enjoyed this book. Scott Westerfeld is the same guy who wrote The Uglies series. This book is historical fiction, there are events and people from history (just before WWI) woven throughout the story. At the end he points out what parts of the story actually happened. It's very interesting. ...I've already ordered the sequel.


Vanessa said...

I read "Night" in high school and it is such a good book. I've heard The Book Thief is very good from others too, and also that it is hard to get into. I need to pick it up one of these days! As for the Westerfeld novel, I'm' hesitant. I read the Uglies series and as the series went on, the less I liked it. Maybe I'll give this one a try, once the sequel comes out because I hate waiting!

Lildonbro said...

I agree about the Uglies series. I didn't like it as much at the end as I did in the beginning. So far, this "series" is good, but I am worried he'll fizzle out at the end (I also read another book by him and I enjoyed the IDeA of the story and the research he put in to it, but the ending was way lame). The second book is already out, when I finish reading it I'll post my opinion :)

Lacee said...

I've heard about the Book Thief... thanks for the review. I think I'll read it. :)

Brianna said...

I am sad that this particular title doesn't have an asterisks as I actually know who said it. Thank you Mr.Thomas Jefferson.

Lildonbro said...

Brianna, it should have! Sorry about that! You totally get points for it and I'm excited to know someone who knows it :)


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