Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amen. Oh... and A-woman, too.*

So I live in Virginia, Richmond to be exact, and in Richmond we have these guys:

And they are doing pretty good in basketball (I don't know if you've heard about that or not). Pretty impressive. There's a billboard on I-95 Southbound that gets me a little vheclempt whenever I see it. I don't know what it is, at first glance it does nothing to stir my emotions. I think it's when I read the high school's that these two attended and I think, "That's right, they're from here, they're our boys." Mind you, this was long before I ever dreamed they'd be in the final four. (I could also be getting emotional because they have the years that these gentlemen graduated high school and that makes me realize that we are not the same age, even though I feel like we should be).

Anyway, since they've been doing so well in March Madness, Richmond has gone a little Ram Crazy. I was driving in to work today and saw a billboard that said, "We're Ram Proud", which I thought was pretty clever. People are just filled with some Ram Pride. I don't know if I can really say that I am, but I am enjoying seeing others. I haven't seen such craze since Elliot Yamin was on American Idol...I also didn't share in that craze, probably because I didn't watch American Idol and people would say, "I saw Elliot Yamin at Westbury Pharmacy today!" and I'm like, "That's awesome! Who the heck is that?" One lady had even deleted pictures of her kid's field day from her phone just to snap a photo of this guy getting out of a limo in a parking lot...really? I mean, does anyone even know what happened to Elliot? I know what happened to that woman's child, he went to therapy because his mom was so quick to erase a big moment of his life for a fuzzy, half profile pic of some guy from Richmond who can sing.

Whoa, bring it back.

Anyway, I'm more inclined to approve of the Ram Pride. So - the story that brought about this post. At work we have/had letters up on the wall in the training room that read our company name. We had those taken down to reuse them elsewhere. I got a phone call this morning to tell me that the letters had been removed so I went downstairs to retrieve them, and this is what I saw:

I had to come back upstairs and get my camera. I think this is my favorite manifestation of the excitement over this basketball team and I wanted to share it. That is all. Lildonbro, Out.


Katie H said...

Pure. awesomeness. Go VCU (I never thought I'd say that, and it's my alma mater...well, one of them...).

P.S. The kids I TAUGHT are now the basketball players' ages...sob...

G Sauce said...

Girl they even have it scrolling on the GRTC buses. That's right, one second it say Richmond-Petersburg or wherever it is going and the next second it shows a VCU Congrats message. Business everywhere have changed their signs including Verizon. It says nothing about the Droid or iPhone but says everything about VCU Basketball. I am rather enjoying it!


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