Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight.*

January - 4

February - 3

March - 4

Animal Farm by George Orwell Three words for you: I hate pigs. I know that there is deeper meaning to the entire book, but my initial reaction at the end was, "Those pigs!" *Fist of rage pumping in the air*. But as I said there's a deeper story being told here, very political, and it made me angry. I read this book because my all time favorite book of my life is 1984 by the same author. I wouldn't say that this one will make the favorites list, and I had trouble remembering what animals were what (he went to names and I was like, "Horse? Pig? What?" but it didn't take away from the general message). Overall - worth the read. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman LOVE IT!! What's not to like about a book that begins with a murder? I overall really enjoyed this book, there were times when I had trouble getting through spots but for the most part it kept my attention. This is the same guy who wrote Coraline, so if you liked that book/movie, you'll probably like this one. Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld Behemoth is the sequel to Leviathan. So far, so good. You know how I worry with series books. So far Scott Westerfeld has done a good job keeping my interest and at the same time I am learning bits and pieces of history (which he clarifies at the end of both books what is real from what is fiction). Really like it. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson I have to admit that I really enjoyed/was really scared of this story. My friend had mentioned that it was a quick read, so I decided to add it to my list (I need all the quick reads I can get). It's not that quick (though there were times I couldn't put it down), and it's not the only story in the book. There are about 11 stories in the book, but the longest and main one is "I Am Legend". If you've seen the movie then I feel it important to tell you that it is completely different...completely. I mean, everything is pretty much changed (i.e. back story, character's background, the dog, the premise...the only thing that is shared is the main character's name). And the title makes more sense as the book. I like the book better, but I suppose if I don't consider them the same story then it doesn't matter. Richard Matheson is a very morbid writer, some of the stories I liked, some I thought were a little too over the top. So I wouldn't suggest reading these unless you have a good stomach for morbidity...and blood. And don't read at night if you live by yourself...creepy. ...Rambling. Sorry.


Isaac said...

I LOVE Neil Gaiman, he is among my favorite contemporary authors. You should try some of his other books. American Gods, Anansi Boys, and if you're really brave and not easily embarrassed then you can try some of his work with comics, he is amazing.

Just wanted to share that. Oh, and another not too long read that you may like is Ubik by Philip K. Dick, if you're in the mood for a mind trip. Just thought I'd share that.

Lildonbro said...

Thanks Isaac! I'm always up for suggestions!

Marissa said...

Devil Wears Prada! Do I get extra points because at one point that was my job to a T? Not fashion... politics... but it counts, right?

As for the books I'm really excited for you and really jealous. I think I'm just going to copy your list over and make my own reading list.


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