Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foreign contaminant!*

It's pollen season again... My windshield in one day...yuck.

Last Monday I had an all day training class. So the Friday before I was talking to my coworker and she was telling me that training was going to be rough. I, of course, concurred. First off, I eat pretty much all the time (I am working on not doing this), my lunch will disappear in phases and my lunch break consists of either walking or reading (but sadly, not, anyone else feel like I went all Dr. Seuss on you?)

I was complaining because I wouldn't be able to eat on the hour, every hour during class because then people would realize what a heifer I am. Plus, I am paranoid about being a loud chewer and I just don't want that confirmed...ever. So she starts talking about energy or something and my mind does it's usual, "How can I compare life to something I've seen on a television screen?" thing.

So I start telling her that I should start liking nuts because they help with energy.

coworker: Do they? Where did you hear that?

me: Robert Gulay.

coworker: What did you say?

me: Robert Gulay.

coworker: That's what I thought, but I had to be sure.

I tried to explain the commercial but she had never seen it. I was still proud of my wit so I told my sister about it...who also hasn't seen the commercial. I was flustered, I mean, I never watch TV (if I do it's through Netflix so no commercials) so how come the only one I know no one has seen?! case you are one of those who hasn't seen, I found it on youtube and if you have seen it, it is posted for you revisitation.

Maybe now you get it? I'm freaking hilarious.


Isaac said...

Wall E - That is all.

Joanna & Ben said...

You've been telling me about this, now I finally see. It's a great video.

Foreign Contaminant- Wally


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