Friday, April 29, 2011

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.*

Some days I love the people I work with.

Today I was asked to send out a blast e-mail about a ring that was found. I am always nervous to send out these types of e-mails because they go to the whole company. So not only am I concerned about spelling, grammar, wording, and the such but I know that at least one person will have something smart to say.

At first I thought the person said the ring had been found in the women's bathroom, having had to send an e-mail about the women's bathroom to the whole company before I could name three guys already who would respond saying it was them (everyone is a comedian). I was tempted to add in there, "women only" but then I realized it had just been found on the second floor, not in the bathroom. So I wrote a very short e-mail.

Good morning,

A sterling silver ring has been found on the second floor. If you have lost a ring please contact me. Thank you.

Not even 60 seconds later the responses started rolling in (seriously, one right after the other! Currently 10 and counting). Here are the responses:

Early Bird (he is always the first to respond to my mass e-mails so I knew this wasn't legit)- I have lost a ring.

That is my nose ring, I will come get it.

Do you think the ring has magical powers? If so, you might want to keep it.

If it was found then how can it be lost? I'm so confused!

Have you asked Princess Kate...she has had a very busy day...

Does it say "PIMPIN"? If not, nevermind.

Finally! You found the Mother's Day ring I had bought for my wife! Thank you so much!

Lord of the Rings References:

I was called 'Frodo'.

One person wrote me back saying, "That's my precious"

Then I got this:

I don't know why...but it made me laugh so hard I was crying.


Joanna & Ben said...

That last one made me laugh too...i love that guy

housewife said...

lol...your job sounds awesome:)

Amber Lanae- said...


And seriously, the people at your work have a sense of humor that is awesome!

I would have sent you a picture of gollum too!

Marissa said...

Do I get extra bonus points if I knew that you were in fact thinking about us dancing in pioneer dresses to Beyonce's Single Ladies? You know you were...

Also, You referenced Lord of the Rings. No *, but I so caught on ;)

Also, was this in fact my HTer's not so subtle reminder that he forgot to give you a ring? Just wondering...


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