Friday, April 22, 2011

Delaware - Just Drive Through It

This weekend was the Easter Eastern States Trip.

Friday was Delaware. Here's the gist, see the title of this post? That's what Gretel said after we left our lunch destination. It is the new state motto.

Most of this came from the brief day we had exploring Delaware. Gretel had found The Riverfront online, and I had glanced at it's website as well. It looked very also looked like it would take a full day.

Here are some highlight pictures. Before we began our journey we wanted water and some gasoline. We saw a sign for WaWa so we went that way...only to find we had been deceived. Doth mine eyes deceive me!?* A gasless WaWa!

And what should we see on the side of the WaWa? A stop sign. I don't know, it was probably one of the most interesting things in DE.

Delaware, like Boston, loves it's Dunkin' Donuts. So we ventured over to the nearest on in the same parking lot as the WaWa. As we were walking, a truck pulled up and the driver told us we weren't allowed to take pictures of the WaWa sign (we were that amazed at it being gasless). Gretel kind of stuttered and I just smiled and was like, "yeah we are," but not with much conviction. He finally smiled and left - thus confirming my fears that people notice when we take photos. We are such tourist.

That wasn't enough to stop us from taking a picture of this moose.

Then we drove to Wilmington to The Riverfront

The side of the fire station - pretty cool

Near one end of the Riverfront there were all these dinosaur sculptures. This was by far the coolest. There was the dino and then drawn all over it were people, it was nifty.

Random photo opt.

Nothing cool about these buildings, but I dubbed them the half-glass buildings...get it? No? That's alright.

By far the coolest thing? Finding ING. All over the area were the orange ING balls. So of course, we took a picture.

At the world's smallest park!

Then this randomness. I thought second from the right was a couple pulling something dead, then I realized they were working together to put out a fire - my bad.

Then lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise

After that we bought books and went back to the hotel (all before 5pm) and G-sauce slept a ton.

So...the question of the day -


The Harrison Crew said...

I laughed out loud at the title. As I have never been to said state. And I love the random photo op with the kids. Priceless.

P.S. A Wawa without gas? Was it more grocery store/serving food than convenience store??

Lildonbro said...

Yeah, it was just a market - no gas. Strangest thing.

Sarah said...

what is a Wawa? we don't have those out west :)

G Sauce said...

The last picture is classic!

Martha said...

Half glass buildings! Love it!

housewife said...

lol...pulling something dead:)


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