Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It looks like a flamingo threw up in here!*

My book collection grew slightly after we explored Delaware (there is one book not pictured and that's because I didn't start to read it). These are the books that I switched between all during the trip in an attempt to stave off boredom (remember - G passed out for a long time)

Friday was New Jersey, more specifically we tried out Atlantic City. Interesting choice, mainly because:

I don't drink

I don't gamble

I don't shop excessively

I do like food though and candy - there was plenty of both. G came up with some good slogans for this place as well (I wonder if she does that for everywhere she visits). "Atlantic City - I'd rather fly to Vegas", "New Jersey - What a dump". I came up with a few of my own post-trip, "Atlantic City - We're trying to be someplace else", "Atlantic City - Pretending to be more than we are", "Atlantic City - It's better with the beer goggles". I have one more, but it will make more sense when it comes up with the picture.

First stop - the boardwalk (well, actually the first stop was the creepy parking deck, past the WORLD'S LONGEST LINE outside of the coach store, and through the casino). They had fun signs too.

Looks like swimming lessons were called off today.

I actually thought that these buildings were cool looking. P.S. this was my first experience with Boardwalks. So I really didn't have anything to compare it to. It was alright. I am assured that there are other, cooler board walks. I tried to give Jersey Shore the benefit of the doubt, it was kind of a nasty day. G says 'no', no benefit of the doubt, "This place is a dump".

We went on the beach and I took a picture of myself (notice that G was not in any pictures. I don't think she wanted me to have proof that she was there).

We were looking for one memorial but found this one. G thinks the man is pretty good looking so I had to take a picture. Then curiosity got to me, I wanted to know what this was for. Turns out it's a memorial to all the people who died to build the board walk and casinos..."Atlantic City - People died to build this". Kind of creeped me out a bit, the list started in the 1970's and the most recent one was 2010 (listed on the back side of this monument).

We saw a candy shop, so we went inside this mall-like building. Instead of going in to the candy shop right away we got distracted by our rumbling stomachs and made our way to the "food court" on the third floor.

Inside the building, by the windows, they had little areas set up with sand and beach chairs so that you could look out over the beach without actually being out there. No heat, no sunburn, no birds...perfection.

A view from one of the window seats. (See what an ugly day it was?)

G and I followed the trail of some raucous music and found a water and light show.

We grabbed lunch and wanted to make it back in time for the next show (it runs on the hour) but didn't finish lunch quickly enough, so we distracted ourselves with the candy store.

Then it was back to the light show for round two.

Oh - Hello.

Then we went back to our hotel in DE.

On the way back to Virginia I saw a giant Pineapple. Being a HUGE fan of Psych I took a picture - because what does Psych teach us children? To find the pineapple in each episode. ...I found the pineapple.


Sarah said...

I LOVE Psych! Such a fun show.

C$ said...

That beach chair seems perfect for sunburn!!

Martha said...

Atlantic City- Always Turned On?

Classy, NJ, real classy

Merika Stout said...

I love the beach chair! I have a love for that type of chair. I also love Psych! Somehow I didnt know that there was a pineapple in every episode. I will have to go back and find all of them!


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