Thursday, April 21, 2011

My heart is pounding like a nail!*

I forgot to give you the Weekend Update.

Friday night I went to the YSA Retreat to help lead the "ice breaker" activities. It was fun, I was a little stressed at first because I hate being in charge of things and with Jesse unable to make it on time (he had a very good excuse) I kind of had to take the lead. Which, I guess, I didn't really think about until I was there, totting bags of clothes, a laptop, projector, my purse, etc. up to a cabin.

The participants had been divided up into eight groups and we had three activities. So then they were all paired up into groups of threes (and one of two) and sent to different stations. We had:

  • Awkward Family Photos

  • The Human Knot

  • and The Card Game (I have no clue its real name)

This guy I don't really know had been recruited to be the photographer, I got Orin to lead the human knot, and Brittany helped me with the card game...which it turns out neither of us really knew how to play. Excellent.

The game is where you have names of famous people on cards and you hold it up to your head and try to figure out who you are. The first group yelled out hints and before you knew it the person had it, then we noticed that some people held it up and asked yes/no questions and that seemed to make it last longer. So the second group had to do that...but then some of them were really hard so Brittany and I decided that you could get three hints.

After the activity there was a bonfire. The original plan was that we would show the Awkward Family Photos with a projector during the bonfire. But the bonfire ended up being far, far away from any electrical outlet so we canned that (that's fine it was probably more trouble then it would have been worth).

I stayed for the bonfire anyway. So here are some pics an then I'm done...

A group posing for the awkward family photo

This is Matt - my fake fiance

This is Jim - preaching to the masses

Cam and I forgot how short Brittany is - we thought we had her in there.

Mary decided to take the photo so Britt could be in it and we pulled in Jesse with his hot chocolate.


Sarah said...

the house bunny :)

Marissa said...

You look like a super foxy lady in these pictures. I love them. You should use them often. Just thought you should know.


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