Friday, April 1, 2011

The Chocolateer

A few weeks ago I went on chocolate strike. Obviously for those of you who know me you know I haven't eaten chocolate in twelve years, so it wasn't that kind of strike. Ever since I started this job I have made it a point to have a candy dish, part of me feels that maybe I have this job simply for the candy dish (I have quite the collection now). I have purchased all sorts of chocolates over the last three and half years, but at the beginning of this month I had had it! My chocolate would disappear in the middle of the night! I would come in to work and there would be half the amount that had been in there when I had left the day before. Seriously folks?! That's just rude. So as I stood in the grocery store aisle and looked at the $10 bag of candy (cause I buy the super big bag) I thought, "Why do I keep spending my money for these piglets?" Cause seriously, someone was coming to my desk and helping themselves, they weren't even coming during normal business hours. So - I stopped. All this week I have been meaning to buy another bag, I figure after a few weeks of an empty candy dish I could start back up and put some in sparingly, but I kept forgetting. This morning I got in and jumped right in to work (that happens when there are 5 people standing at your desk as you walk in). As the people left, I looked over and noticed that my candy dish was full. Is it odd/sad for me to say that that is the nicest thing anyone has done for me this week (at work)? So of course I had to find out who it was because I wanted to say 'thank you'. I called the usual suspects, but all of them denied it. Then Wanda suggested asking the Helpdesk guy, so I took a chance on an unknown kid* and sent him an e-mail. Turns out it was him! I feel like that was super nice, and now I will be thinking of something nice to do in return!


Martha said...

* Unknown kid- Clueless!!

Vanessa said...

The fact that you haven't had chocolate in that long baffles me. Just so you know.

My boss use to put a hard candle jar on my desk but one of the coworkers would take half of them when he came into the office to change the trash and no one was in the office yet. He stopped filling the jar very shortly after that. Greedy people. But glad to know there is some nice person out there, filling your dish for you! 8)


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