Saturday, May 22, 2010

I was singing with my eyes closed. Was I frightened? I was petrified.*

If you don't mind, this post will mostly be pictures. Day 4 we went to the zoo, and then ate amazing pizza and had an ice cream showdown between two ice creams...everyone else had the showdown, I stuck to one flavor...the chocolate free life makes ice cream show downs difficult.

Day 4: I'm sorry these post are so long. Mostly I am wordy, second mostly - I have a lot of pics. Videos are optional in this portion, but I think if you recall from day 2 of this trip you might want to grab a soundbite of why I couldn't understand these children- and how that got me kidnapped.


Running away from the stench of Flamingo

I can't figure out why Cassie doesn't like my new friend! tired!

What the...that's a stuffed animal!! This zoo looks pretty questionable to me!*

1 comment:

Sarah said...

ha ha ha I loved the videos. Kennie's CRACKED me up! A song about going potty and then... WHAMO! poor kid, but it was funny.


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