Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In this family, the man with half a brain is king.*

This past weekend was Kathryn's birthday celebration. Friday was the actual anniversary of her birth. The people at her work put up a vexing paper balloon (there were real balloons on her desk but this paper balloon seemed to bother her). It was just on the front door, but she kept taking it down. At one point we left the office together and I snuck it back on there without her noticing (the joys of long arms). Then we got the idea to put it up high...you know, cause she's short. That didn't stop her from tyring.

Ever the dutiful sister...I took a video.

The best part is, she keeps stopping because she thinks she sees someone coming, so she doesn't want them to see her jumping and think she is weird. Rather she stands like a creeper in front of the door...that's better.

Saturday we celebrated the birthday with dinner and cake.

As you know, in our family no Birthday cake gets by with just "Happy Birthday." This year I went with "Fragoosh." Something my big brother, Matt, said one of the times we were out in Utah and Kathryn really picked up on it. When I mentioned it to Joanna she said, "Do you think she'll remember it?" Kathryn had been saying it lately, which is why it came to mind...but then during dinner she said it. It was perfect, and Joanna and I got a laugh out of it. Yeah...I think she remembers it.

Jacob was excited to blow the candles out so Kathryn let him (I think she let him) and so we re-lit the candles and she got to blow them out this time.

Kathryn's face upon seeing "Fragoosh"...okay, okay, so this is the second try, camera didn't go off right the first time.

We all chipped in and got Kathryn an iPod Nano for her birthday. She has wanted an iPod for a while but just hasn't gotten around to getting herself one. That's okay, because it makes for an awesome birthday gift.

Happy Birthday Kathryn (Frieda!)


AuntKatween said...

trapped in paradise:)

Amber Lanae- said...

*Trapped in Paradise!

Cassie said...

okay call me silly but there was a chair in the video. . . most short people know if you need to get something up high you stand on a chair, for FRAGOOSH! Happy Birthday to your sister.

AuntKatween said...

The chairs are attached and very hard to move:(

Lildonbro said...

Likely story!!


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