Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The lack of humility before nature that's being displayed here...uh... staggers me.*

Day 3: Park Balooza

Day 3 we went to some parks and we walked a lot. I think the only reason I didn't gain weight on this trip was that we walked several miles a day (if someone feels the need to correct me and say it was less then they should ignore that feeling...it was several miles a day!)

First - we got ready to go. Jeremy was nice and helped Danton get ready for the day. It was a struggle at first, and the girls were awfully jealous...but we finally go him dressed and smiling.

Cassie had finally had it with the children not listening to her and she busted more then one cap on them fools.

...get it?? It's a cap gun. ...Oh geez, I am my dad.

Taking a picture of everyone else trying to get ready. Say what you will about being single, but it's pretty cool to get out of the car and be ready to go.
The first park was a playground/petting zoo. There was a height limit and a creep factor on the playground...so I was not allowed to run around like one of the kids. It would have been different I suppose if I wanted to play with the kids...but I just wanted to go down the slides and run across the bridge on my own. Instead - I took some pictures.

The best was probably when Danton found himself tangled up in the...I don't know what it would be called, the rope that you can use as a ladder up to the top part of the playground... I can't say we didn't see it coming, but I can say most of us didn't see it happen. Rather we heard Tami say, "Uh, Danton anyone?" or something along those lines (it's been weeks, pardon me if I forgot). Then it took a moment to register in all of our minds and in that time Tami had already started the mother sprint to grab him. Luckily his leg did get caught, that playground floor was bouncy, but I don't think it was bouncy enough.

Then we moved on to the petting zoo part (at least I think it was a petting zoo...no one stopped us). We noticed this sign after Lydia ran up to a chicken and pet it. We were all surprised that she just ran up and did that, all of us except for Sarah of course, apparently this happens a lot. Here is a friendly goat.

Makes you think of a dog in a way.

And here I am trying to conjure up the nerve to touch the goat. If Lydia can pet chickens, certainly I can get a little closer.

There we go. I used the hand sanitizer after that one.

Then it was on to the second park...which had a concession stand (thank goodness) sadly it was over priced, but I was thirsty enough I went ahead and paid. Here are random pictures from that (I am losing my wordiness...beware)

Just thinking about all that walking is making me tired.
Then it was home for some dinner!

Gavinn showing Tami what for. That kid is great - look at that laugh, he knew exactly what he was doing.

This gem I didn't notice until the next morning. Cassie's nephew drew it...it's people getting sucked up into a tornado. Aside from slightly disturbed I found it was something I couldn't pass up taking a picture of. I didn't know that people always go headfirst into tornado's...but now I do.


Sarah said...

I like how the people are gigantic and much larger than their houses below...or is that perspective? I don't know. I suck at drawing.

Lildonbro said...

It could be perspective...not sure...maybe the picture is right up there with the tornado, so everything else is smaller. Only the artist knows...

The Ottley's said...

You make me laugh. Continunally!

Sarah said...

It shocked everyone that Lydia ran up to pet the chicken, but it surprised me that that shocked everyone. :)
Walking several miles a day, Cassie busting caps on the kids, "Uh, Danton anyone?" the tornado picture,
This post just made me laugh.

Vanessa said...

Bahaha that tornado pic cracks me up!

Not having to drag kids out of the car and get ready is fabulous. I love it, being able to just up and leave the house whenever I want without spending 30 mins getting everything packed. Kids are over rated. Haha.

Heather said...

Blog title: Jurassic Park?

Lildonbro said...

Jurassic Park is the winner! :)


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