Monday, May 24, 2010

With my Wilderness Explorer GPS, we'll never be lost! *

Last Day: The Pig Out

Okay, so we over ate every day, but I just felt like it was more so on the last day. I don't know, maybe I am wrong. We started our day at a place called The Red Squirrel. That's what we call a tip off, a red flag, sirens wailing in the night like a fire engine headed towards a building that has no fire.*
I don't even remember what I ate at this point. I think it was a burger and fries, which started out well enough, but by the end my stomach was screaming, "no beuno!" I think some other people will agree. The thing I do remember is the rudeness and daftness of the waitress. You can't forget things like that, they stand out like your middle school bully. She was speaking loudly, only a few feet away, about how she had wanted to go home early, but I guess with our arrival her hopes and dreams were dashed.

I love Kenny's pose here, I can't decide if he planned it that way or not.

This is a personal favorite as well.
I think the best part was that Tami got up and I scooted to her seat to talk to Gavinn. The waitress came up and thought I was Tami. I don't know, maybe we look alike, brown hair, brown eyes, you know those people all look the same to me.

After we recovered from lunch we headed to Kentucky to hit the gap outlet. We left some of the kids at Cassie's and brought the others with us. I bought a $10 pair of jeans and I haven't noticed what the defect is yet. Gavinn and Danton were beat on the way home...I think Gavinn's face showed it the most.
After that we went to Applebees (I think). Jer is our new best friend, he fit right into the Teen Girl Squad After dinner I ran to the store and got some Tylonal sinus cause I felt something coming on. I took a P.M. one because honestly they don't really have an affect on me. I was wrong this time and the partying soon came to an end for me, right in the middle of the floor. I got a few pictures in of the babies...but I don't really remember the rest (sorry guys)

I got up bright and early the next day and headed back to Virginia. I don't drive well at night and I wanted to drive while well rested. The trip back was mostly uneventful. I just plugged in Maggie (my GPS BFF) and headed out. It was the Beltway that got us not being too happy with each other. At one point Maggie told me to take an exit, and I took it, but then she told me to stay to the left, which I did...which put me back on the beltway. Okay...I'll let that one go, I don't know what you've been smoking Maggie, but I'll let it go. Immediately after she does the same thing. Now I was perturbed. After she brought me right back to the beltway I yelled at her, then she tried it again. I continued to scold her and refused to listen to her. I told her not to talk to me until she was ready to take me off of the beltway for good! I was frustrating, of all places to do that, the capital beltway on any day is not a good idea. I am happy to report though that Maggie and I are getting along well.

Well, that sums up my Ohio trip, only took me a month to get it out there.


Sarah said...

UP! :)

Sarah said...

I found the D-fect in my $10 jeans when I was preforming my tap routiene at my friends RS talent show....the seat of the pants was too thin, it has some bare spots you know how they do that to make teh pants look worn. Only usually it on the thigh or something. Yeah, mine was on the butt. I knew I needed to get a patchon them before they wore out, but I didn't realize they would RIP on me...jest before I went on stage, to DANCE...ha ha ha at least it was a little rip. (and I can still fix them :)

Katie H said...

Aw, we watched Up last night. Sweet. :)

Katie H said...

sirens wailing in the night like a fire engine headed towards a building that has no fire.*

So I married an axe murderer. one of the all-time greats.


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