Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whoa! How long has THAT been there?*

Meet my friend, Ben.

I enjoyed his artwork so much it's up in my work

Ben wants to be an engineer, so he studies math ALL THE TIME, and tries to apply it to his life. The other day he brought me lunch of Hardee's chicken and Krispy Kremes (eerie how well he knows my taste bud's desires). He bought the mini krispee kremes, I have always wanted one but never bought them. I love miniature food. Ben decided that a mini was 1/8 of a regular donut...well I'll be, the regular donuts must be HUGE! He stood by it though, even though it is unrealistic. He decided (since he loves math so much...though it's questionable how good he is at it) to write up the formula to make Jessica happy. Here it is folks...

That's right. Jessica + a 1/8 of a doughnut (also known as a mini doughnut) = Happy Vampire Jessica.

It morphed. As I watched him draw it I actually thought he was drawing my over extended jaw filling up with water...but then I noticed those little teeth at the top. What are those for?? I could barely speak I was laughing so hard. Apparently those are my gums and I have turned into John Cleese.

...I suppose it could be worse.

In the end he wrote up the most complex of all formulas...I still don't see how it is mathematically sound...but what do I know?

Napkin drawings + Vampire Jess = 1/8 doughnut squared divided by Ben (note to reader, it was(-) Subtract Ben...but I pointed out how this was actually an insult to himself).

Take home lesson: Mini doughnuts turn you into a vampire, consumers beware.

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