Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The cheese inspectors beat the crap out of us.*

We're headed into the busy season.

Not that it's ever been a busy season for me, but this year, it's a busy season. I have institute on Tuesday nights, Frisbee on Wednesday and Thursday, random things going on on Fridays (hopefully nothing going on on Fridays), and Saturdays are usually busy, though I'd like to have some free ones so I can work on things around the house. Get a list and budget and just start getting stuff done. I'm so stingy when it comes to spending big money on stuff. I could blow through the same amount of money with small purchases (books, movies, little things for the walls though I wouldn't know where to put them).

Next year starts an aggressive attack on Numero Uno on the bucket list (visit all 50 states). I am still thinking about it, but chances are I will be joining G-sauce and C$ for a weekend trip down south. It happens to coincide with my birthday, but was not planned as a birthday trip. I don't do stuff for my birthday, I don't plan to start now. Though, my friend found out that my favorite number is 29 - so she thinks 29 should be the birthday I do something, and something big. We'll see.

There's the trip to Cali and the drive to New Mexico in February. The various weekend trips with G to knock out some northern states as well. I'm just keeping busy.

I am running an 8k on November 8k. I have run 5ks and 10ks so this is new for's almost 5 miles, which makes me giggle. Why not just go all the way to 5? Anyway, the race is at 7 in the morning. That's gross, but it's just one time and I'll have a new t-shirt because of it. I even got to put a nickname on my race bib. You ready for this? ....Lildonbro. Big surprise huh? It's my Blogger Identity, it's what I fight off evil with.
I got a text message from Katie (you know who you are) and she asked if I wanted to join a fall basketball team...yes actually, I do. $60? Not thrilled about that since I suck and will probably be benched, but if I do play I have an extra work out (and a t-shirt). It's like temporarily joining a gym...and it will help me get ready for church ball in the winter.

And it will help time to keep flying by until Bryan gets home.
9 months by the way. That's how long Bryan has left of his mission in Madagascar. Hard to believe that 15 months have already passed, I remember when there were still 15 months to go and it felt like time was just refusing to budge. Now it's moving, though people have told me it really slows down the last 6 months. Which is probably why I have so much planned for the first six months of 2011.

...I wish time at work would fly by. I've been waiting for 5 o'clock since 9:00 a.m.


G Sauce said...

That's all that is left!?! Wow time has flown!

Down south - do it do it do it.

Lacee said...

Who is Bryan? Brother, cousin...significant other...? ;)

Martha said...

I can't wait to meet him. Can't wait...When he gets home, that means I will have been married two years. CRAZY!

Lildonbro said...

Lacee, I guess you would call Bryan a significant other.

...I wouldn't be counting down for my brother to come home (I only know this cause I didn't when either of them served missions).


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