Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I didn't know you could read.*

My sister, Martha, and I used to play this game on road trips where we would each think of an actor, count to three and then both yell out who we thought of. Then we would proceed to connect them through movies.

Seeing as how I love movies, this has become one of my favorite games. Her and her hubby, Jeff, came to visit us Labor Day weekend and on one night we were playing this old favorite when we both called out the names at the same time. The result:

Danny Devito
Charlize Theron

And then the wheels stopped turning. The moment I heard the names I couldn't for the life of me pull up an adequate filmography for either of them. Danny Devito...Matilda? Charlize Theron...The Astronaut's Wife? The game kicked the bucket, we had to throw in the towel, call it quits, we were through.

It stayed with me though, I wouldn't let this little duo keep me down, they had to be connected! And then a memory, of a long ago film. A film that would start a list of incredibly weird movies that may or may not get quoted at random moments and no one will have any idea what I am talking about. That movie? Drowning Mono.

Among the cast are one Danny DeVito and one Casey Affleck. From there it just became too easy. Casey also starred in the Ocean's trilogy and in the latest one a Mister Al Pacino plays a role. Al also played the devil, satan, Lu-ci-fur (said like the mouse in Disney's Cinderella), in The Devil's Advocate with...Charlize Theron.

Ta-da! So I e-mailed my sister the results the other day and in return she gave me two more names.

Helen Hunt and Andy Garcia. Maybe it was the Ocean's talking that got her to pick out Andy Garcia, but I am a firm believer that if you can get someone to Julia Roberts you can get them to anyone (much like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon). I would tell you my results, but I want to hear what connections you all make.

I made the connections pretty quickly and in return sent her two Roberts for her trouble:

Robert Downy Jr.
Robert Pattinson

She took far too long to respond (i.e. she still hasn't responded and this was Monday). I had it within minutes (humble - I know)

For my entertainment feel free to put down your connections in the comments. Doesn't matter how long or short as long as you connect the two (and you are more than welcomed to figure out both pairs).


Martha said...

"I didn't know you could read." * Harry Potter (the first one)

Gibson Family said...

Wow I am not that good with Movie's but I thought your Title "I didn't know you could read" was from Finding Nemo. Marlin says it to Dory...Atleast that is what I think or remember.

Lildonbro said...

Very true. I was thinking Harry Potter, but it is in Finding Nemo too! Good job, you get points too :)

Katie H said...

Am I a nerd if I say it's HP 2 (Chamber of Secrets)? I think it's when they transform themselves into Draco's buds. Dunno.

Yes, I am THE biggest dork. I love HP.

Lildonbro said...

Hmm...I don't know my HPs well enough, but I do know it's when they change themselves into Draco's buddies. "Harry Potter" would have been accepted as an answer because I don't get picky like that :)
I hate being corrected, but I do reward it - 15 points to you (wow, now I feel like the Professor giving out points at the end of the school year - isn't it funny that HP's group always seems to have done something that makes them the leaders?)


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