Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drama, drama, drama.*

My new goal: Optimism.

For those of you who know me (man, how many times do I write that phrase? 50 blog bucks for whoever is bored enough to find out)...anyway, let's get back on track. For those of you who know me, you know I'm not really what you would call an optimist. Realist is more like it, pessimist for the sake of not being disappointed but rather pleasantly surprised when things do or don't go wrong. It's a form of optimism I guess. My optimistic moments are usually my airhead moments where you wonder if any amount of intelligence exists within the creases or my brain...but enough about that.

My new goal, beginning this past Sunday, is to be more optimistic. The last goal I added on to my list was to develop greater some self comes and goes. Now it's to be more optimistic. I think that generally I could be. It's the big things I'm trying to work out, life's plans that I have to stop telling myself won't happen. When life hands you lemons you make lemonade kind of thing.

So even though I have things going on in my life right now that I'm not too thrilled about, I know that things will work out in the end, for everyone's benefit, and if anyone tries to get in the way of my serenity...I'll punch them...with joy and happiness and pretty things.

So - I guess to commiserate this big moment in my life, I will leave you with 10 things to be happy about.

  1. Yesterday I saw a bus being pulled over by a cop. How many people can say that they have seen a school bus pulled over? Pretty much the people in the car with me. I have now joined the ranks of special and unique.

  2. I'm picking up harvest doughnuts from Krispy Kreme tomorrow morning (for someone's birthday), "Happy Birthday to you, hope there's a doughnut for me!"

  3. It's almost fall!! One of my most favorite seasons is upon us...which's almost Halloween! The weather already suggests fall is here too!

  4. I feel really good. I feel like I've grown up a lot over the past two years and right now, I feel prepared to the point that I could handle anything that comes my way. (But I'm not telling fate to "bring it on")

  5. I feel truly blessed for the people in my life. Each lead character in my life story teaches so much, more than they know. They teach me about life, self, religion, random facts, relationship skills, etc.

  6. I don't stand in need of anything. I am able to take care of myself financially and emotionally and have everything I need (I want a Wii fit...but that's not a need so I'm still content).

  7. Tonight is ultimate Frisbee night...I have grown to dearly love ultimate Frisbee

  8. I am almost done with Mockingjay (though I don't know if to be happy or sad about that!)

  9. I just had lunch with my family (a rather large chunk of it at least) and I got to spend the last couple of days with Martha and Jeff who were out here visiting

  10. I'm going to be really close to having gone to all 50 states by the end of May!

Not the most deep and thought provoking list, but current things that make me feel like I can bear to be an optimist.


Sarah said...

how to lose a guy in ten days :)

Optimism is good. and if you're ever looking for someone to inspire you to just be happier in general, i recommend this blog

it always puts me in a good mood when I read her blog!

Katie H said...

i am so proud of your optimism. i need it lately. you inspire me, jess.

how do you like mockingjay? i have a few friends here who absolutely hated it. i liked it although it wasn't my fav of the series.

Vanessa said...

Harvest donuts?! I feel I need these in my life.

I'm so excited for fall. It's a good season and I LOVE Halloween!

I call myself a realist too. As for being optimistic, I should strive to be better at that.

& isn't that quote from How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days? That's my favorite movie of all time.

G Sauce said...

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Lildonbro said...

Katie - I really liked it (yeah, I finished it today). I almost started to cry at one point so I had to put it away, I don't do that crying thing. But overall, I think the series is great.

Vanessa - you probably do need harvest donuts in your life, they are amazing.

The Ottley's said...

Hey- there's nothing wrong with being a rainy cloud. RAIN ON LADY!

(Probably NOT what you were looking for I'm sure...)

Lol. Good for you girl!


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