Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Veritable Smorgasbord.*

I went to the store today on my lunch break. We need water (as we will probably never trust the well water as a viable drinking source), and I had a few other things I wanted to pick up as well. Having already picked everything up I ventured to the frozen food section (this is why we don't shop hungry) and thought maybe I'd pick something up to take back to the office and heat up. The frozen food section wasn't really popular today, NO ONE was there. As I turned the corner a light came on in the doors directly across from me and over to my left. As I slowly traveled down the aisle I noticed that lights came on in the doors on either side of me. It was as though the contents of the doors finally saw me with their limited peripheral vision and turned on the lights to say, "Over here! Pick me!" Frozen pizzas, lean cuisine, concentrated orange juice, all calling my name with semi-bright, not so flashy lights. I was so distracted by this anomaly that I didn't even pay enough attention to actually settle on something for lunch. I walked right though and then went to the register.

But since we are on the topic of food, I was eating a Cheezit today and I thought about how there are some foods that give you the flavor blast at the beginning (flavor blast = the best taste the food can give you in the eating experience), some wait until you are in the middle of it, and others wait until the very end to show off its best flavor. All of course leave you wanting more. No matter when the flavor blast detonates you will find yourself wanting another of said food just to get that moment again.

But let's examine. A Cheezit is something that hits you right away, there's the cheese and the salt that hits your taste buds and jump into action. A chocolate (or in my case vanilla) covered pretzel doesn't do this right off the bat. You put one of those in your mouth and you've got the chocolate/vanilla...good - but not what you are going to grab one of these pretzels for. You bite into it and then you're hit with the flavor blast, the delicious mixture of salty and sweet in perfect harmony. Then there are things like jaw breakers. Where they taste good all the way through but the real prize is if you don't bite it and you let it get to that core that is slightly softer and kind of just disintegrates in your mouth (leaving you wanting another).

So then I'm talking to the Executive Admin (who sits outside of the CEO's office) and I'm telling her about the three stages of flavor blasts. As I am walking away her phone rings but the CEO (who I didn't notice was in his office) picks it up.

Slightly mortified, but not really cause it does take more to embarrass me, I come back to my desk and e-mail her saying, "Okay, next time warn me somehow that he's in there. I'm sure he doesn't need to hear my diatribe on flavor blasts in food." She just laughed.

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G Sauce said...

It is so true. I find the ones that give you the great blast at the beginning end up leaving you with a gross taste later. What gives?


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